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Overcoming AIDS: Lessons Learned from Uganda

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Foreword. Introduction, Donald E. Morisky, W. James Jacob, Yusuf K. Nsubuga, and Steven J. Hite.

Part I: Setting the Contextual Stage of HIV/AIDS in Uganda.
A Multisectoral Strategy for Overcoming AIDS in Uganda, Yusuf K. Nsubuga and W. James Jacob.
Fighting Stigma and Discrimination as a Strategy for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, Yusuf K. Nsubuga and W. James Jacob.

Part II: HIV/AIDS Education Programs in the Formal Education Sector.
Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Education Programs in Uganda. W. James Jacob, Donald E. Morisky, Steven J. Hite, and Yusuf K. Nsubuga.
Preparing a Generation of Teachers for Educating Youth in Uganda, Rosemary Nabadda and Albert James Lutalo-Bosa.

Part III: Nonformal Youth and Child HIV/AIDS Education Programs.
Social and Behavioral Determinants of HIV Education Programs among Ugandan Youth, Delius Asiimwe and Kibombo Richard.
The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO): Issues and Potential for Developing Countries, Alex Coutinho, Robert Ochai, Alex Mugume, Lynda Kavuma, and John M. Collins.
Equipping Youth with Prevention and Treatment Strategies: Literacy and HIV/AIDS Initiatives in Uganda and Five Other African Nations, Lynn R. Curtis.
Successful Strategies in HIV/AIDS Prevention: The Case of the Uganda Youth Anti-AIDS Association (UYAAS), 1992-2004, Sande Ndimwibo and Julie M. Hite.
Maximizing HIV/AIDS Prevention through the Media: An Analysis of the Straight Talk Foundation, Catharine Watson, Betty Kagoro, and Beatrice Bainomugisha.
The Role of Religion in Educating Ugandan Youth about HIV/AIDS, Jeremy Liebowitz and Reverend Stephen F. Noll.
The Family, Youth and AIDS: Hope and Heartbreak for Africa, Terry D. Olson and Richard G. Wilkins.

Part IV: Dealing with AIDS Orphans and Street Children.
Poverty, AIDS, and Street Children in Uganda, Troy D. Smith and Acou Sam Ogojoi.
HIV/AIDS and the Growing Problem of Orphanhood: Experiences from Uganda and South Africa, Christopher B. Meek and W. Joshua Rew.