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Prospective Students FAQ

Who Makes Admission Decisions?

Admission decisions are made by a committee made up of faculty members from the program to which you have applied.

How Will I Know If UCLA Has Received My Application From SOPHAS?

Log into your SOPHAS application and look at the “Status” box on the right side of your screen. Click on “School Designations” to find out if your completed application has been sent to the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

I’ve Worked In Public Health For Several Years, But My Undergraduate Grades Were Not Very Strong. What Can I Do To Increase The Competitiveness Of My Application?

First, note that we are looking mainly at your upper division (last 2 years of college) GPA. A couple of bad grades won’t really hurt your application. Be sure to focus on your work experience in your Statement of Purpose. Find letter of recommendation writers who can relate your professional work experience to potential for excellence in the classroom. If you have more questions, you should contact a staff member from the program to which you hope to apply.

What are you looking for in the Statement of Purpose?

The statement of purpose serves three functions: to see your writing ability/style, to determine the match with the FSPH program, and to help determine merit based funding. The 1500 word statement should address your path to the field of public health, your passion and areas of interests, the fit with the FSPH program and your future dreams and aspirations in the field of public health.

When Are Admissions Offers Made To The Applicants?

This varies by department and degree program. Typically, admissions offers are made by mid March.

What Is The Difference Between The MPH And MS?

The MS is an academic degree designed for students who desire to specialize in methodology. In general, the MS programs are more research oriented and quantitatively based than the MPH programs. As such, MS programs tend to include extra research modules and more mathematically based coursework.  The MPH programs also include a required 400 hour field work to provide practical experience.

Can I Attend The Fielding School Of Public Health Part-time?

All degree programs are full-time and all classes are held during the daytime.  Course schedules are like the typical undergraduate schedule so there is flexibility for part-time work, etc. as your schedule permits.


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