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Center for Healthcare Management

The Center for Healthcare Management brings together academic researchers, students, seasoned executives, practitioners and other health experts, as well as inter-disciplinary academic healthcare management resources to advance healthcare management.

To unite, inspire, and enrich interdisciplinary leadership that progresses healthcare management.


  • The builder of strong and intertwined relationships with members of the Southern California healthcare management community.
  • The home of inter-disciplinary academic healthcare management resources from across the UCLA campus for students and faculty.
  • The brand of healthcare management for the UCLA Fielding School’s Department of Health Policy and Management, and its UCLA partners.

The center is committed to accomplish its mission and vision by:

  • Pulling together the best minds from UCLA and from the broader community to improve the current state of applied research, knowledge, and practice.
  • Jointly exploring critical issues in the management of healthcare organizations.
  • Providing an “academic home” for leaders in the field to contribute career experience and mentorship.
  • Producing research that influences management practices and seeks on-the-ground healthcare management expertise to inform research questions.
  • Creating a library of healthcare management cases, generated internally and fielded from outside UCLA, as a repository for internal use and external licensing.

The center is home to the Paul Torrens Health Forum at UCLA, an established monthly gathering where practitioners and academics discuss timely public health issues affecting the industry.

By actively involving healthcare organizations as collaborative partners with academic faculty, the center generates practical, relevant knowledge via evidence-based management scholarship that allows companies to act in a landscape fraught with uncertainty and change.

This UCLA collaboration between research and practice is also a rich source of inspiration for curriculum content for its executive, traditional, and customized degree and non-degree programs. At the individual course level, the healthcare management cases developed by the center's partners provide rich materials for classroom discussion.


Please contact Center for Healthcare Management co-directors Laura Erskine ( and Leah Vriesman ( for more information about the center.