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Dispatches from the Field

Fieldwork in Guatemala
"It was exciting to reduce maternal and infant deaths in rural areas through community engagement."
Natasha displays her school pride at a stop on Chapman's Peak Drive, looking down at Hout Bay in the Western Cape of South Africa.
“I gained insight into issues in health services among the transgender population in South Africa, aiding in access and advocacy for a marginalized population.”
Dirna Mayasari with children
“My clinical background as a medical doctor combined with my current training in public health helps me bridge health care services and public health intervention for the displaced population.”
"To complete the practical component of my MPH degree, I was based for three months at the SMP Central Office in Kampala, Uganda."
Roch Nianogo with patient
"The greatest public health lesson from my experience at RAES is reflected in the African proverb, 'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.' Building partnerships and multidisciplinary teams are the keys to producing meaningful change."
Lauren Goodwin standing next to two children
"After a summer learning from the talented people at USAID, the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health and several telemedicine partners, I have a deep appreciation for its power to bridge the gap in health care access for rural communities."
Anne Fehrenbacher in India
"Through my CHS internship in West Bengal, India, I learned the importance of altering structures and community perceptions in order to effect change at the individual level."
Ashley Avella with children in Uganda
"Working with adolescent youth from disadvantaged backgrounds is challenging but very rewarding."
Laura Chan in Mexico
"Coming to Mérida (Mexico), I knew I would get experience in program planning and the workings of a non-profit, but I did not expect to have such an impact as a leader and role model in the community."