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Student Profiles

From the Spring/Summer 2018 Magazine

As a policy fellow with California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, FSPH student Anna-Michelle McSorley worked with Latina women advocating for health rights.
FSPH students are leading an initiative to make it easier for women at UCLA to breastfeed and pump.

From the Autumn/Winter 2017 Magazine

PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTITIONERS KNOW WHAT IT TAKES to effect positive change, but the high rates of preventable diseases and persistence of health inequities, among other public health concerns, signal that much remains to be done.

From the Spring/Summer 2017 Magazine

FSPH students Tyler Watson and Hannah Malan are leading an effort to understand barriers to healthy eating among college students, and to promote sustainable solutions.

From the Autumn/Winter 2016 Magazine

FSPH students recall the experiences that taught them the impact social, economic, and environmental factors can have on health, and led them to the Fielding School.

From the Spring/Summer 2016 Magazine

FSPH doctoral candidate Di Liang looks at how urbanization is affecting the fast-growing older population in her native country.

From the Autumn/Winter 2015 Magazine

Shedding light on the experiences of family caregivers of people with early-onset dementia, a PhD student hopes to bring relief to an often-overlooked population.
FSPH student Imelda Padilla-Frausto
After living through her family’s struggles with lack of information and services, an FSPH doctoral student contributes to improved mental health policies.

From the Spring/Summer 2015 Magazine

Composite of two images with Teni Adewumi and Ana Mascareñas
They were born thousands of miles apart and raised in different cultures, but Ana Mascareñas and Teni Adewumi both saw toxic environments affecting their communities and are now determined to make things right.

From the Autumn/Winter 2014 Magazine

Two women looking at products in the aisle of a grocery store.
Taking very different tacks, Tabashir Nobari and Mirna Troncoso Sawyer are painting a more detailed portrait of the factors that place immigrant families at risk for obesity, pointing the way toward strategies that could be effective in combatting the phenomenon.


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