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Student Profiles

From the September 2020 Magazine

Six Fielding School students who are active members of FSPH's Center for the Study of Racism, Social Justice & Health discuss what motivates their academic work and how they hope to make a difference.

From the Autumn/Winter 2018 Magazine

Doctoral student Rebekah Israel Cross uses her FSPH training to amplify the voices of marginalized communities through research on race, power and health.
Hearing about the refugee journeys of her parents and their friends left Negar Omidakhsh determined to improve social conditions through research.
As part of his doctoral training, biostatistics student Jay Xu is studying how media narratives evolve following mass shootings, in an effort to inform guidelines.

From the Spring/Summer 2018 Magazine

As a policy fellow with California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, FSPH student Anna-Michelle McSorley worked with Latina women advocating for health rights.
FSPH students are leading an initiative to make it easier for women at UCLA to breastfeed and pump.

From the Autumn/Winter 2017 Magazine

PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTITIONERS KNOW WHAT IT TAKES to effect positive change, but the high rates of preventable diseases and persistence of health inequities, among other public health concerns, signal that much remains to be done.

From the Spring/Summer 2017 Magazine

FSPH students Tyler Watson and Hannah Malan are leading an effort to understand barriers to healthy eating among college students, and to promote sustainable solutions.

From the Autumn/Winter 2016 Magazine

FSPH students recall the experiences that taught them the impact social, economic, and environmental factors can have on health, and led them to the Fielding School.

From the Spring/Summer 2016 Magazine

FSPH doctoral candidate Di Liang looks at how urbanization is affecting the fast-growing older population in her native country.


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