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Student Profiles

From the June 2011 Magazine

Philip Massey working at a chalkboard with a woman
Philip Massey grew up acutely aware of the struggles that come with poverty. His mother, one of seven children from a rural Virginia household, was the only member of her family to graduate from high school – she went on to obtain a master’s degree.
Annie Fehrenbacher smiling at a car wash
While in high school, Annie Fehrenbacher worked at Planned Parenthood as a peer educator. “It was my reaction to the information we were getting at school during a big push for abstinence-only education,” she says. “I felt we weren’t being informed about our own health.”

From the November 2010 Magazine

Mimi Nartey posing on a soccer field with gear and a book
When she was 15, Myralyn "Mimi" Nartey ventured far from her family’s home in Arizona to the Republic of Ghana, where her father had been raised, to play professional soccer for the Ghanian women’s national team. While there, she contracted malaria.
Eli Tomar holding a book in a law library
More than many graduate students, Eli Tomar has spent enough time in the thick of the policy-making process on Capitol hill to know the challenges – and in many cases, frustrations – of passing meaningful health-related legislation.


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