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    • Ashley Avella with children in Uganda

Ashley Avella MPH '12 Kampala Uganda

Location of Internship:
Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL), Kampala, Uganda

Greatest Public Health lesson I learned:
Using multiple modes of intervention in public health and collaborating with other organizations is very important in creating behavior change. Also, working with adolescent youth from disadvantaged backgrounds is challenging but very rewarding.

I provided reproductive health education to street, slum, out of school, and commercial sex working youth at multiple slum outreach posts and the residential rehabilitation center. I conducted a one-year evaluation of the HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Support Project, and this evaluation was designed to look at knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of the parties involved. To do this, I created four questionnaires and conducted interviews with beneficiaries, social workers, peer educators, and health service providers. I prepared an evaluation report with the results and recommendations.

Favorite Memory:
My last day of work, I participated in Youth Sports Day at the residential living center. The staff members were put on teams to support and encourage the youth, and it was so wonderful to see the youth so excited and actively engaged in the activities. The day was used to impart knowledge about child trafficking and child abuse as the theme of the day to the youth and community members present.

Ashley Avella
Global Health