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Dr. Alex Ortega was interviewed by KCUR-89.3FM about the effectiveness of healthy market makeover programs in combating obesity and diabetes in urban food deserts.
May 19, 2015
A study co-authored by Community Health Sciences PhD student Evan Krueger suggests social media can provide insight into the health and social needs of transgender and gender-nonconforming people.
May 18, 2015
Using maps and global data from FSPH's WORLD Policy Analysis Center, Vox and HBO’s John Oliver Tonight took the Mother’s Day weekend as an opportunity to highlight the lack of of a national paid maternal leave policy in the U.S.
Vox (May 12), Vox (May 11), HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
May 12, 2015

Recent Videos

Dr. Katz presenting in front of projector screen
"I prefer a child with..." -- Eugenics, Hygienics and Germline Engineering with Dr. Gregory Katz, Chaired Professor and Founder, ESSEC Chair of Therapeutic Innovation, ESSEC Business School (Paris-Singapore)
Dr. Yaniv Hanoch presenting
Lifetime Risk, Ambiguous Results and Shared Decision Making: The Case of Genetic Testing with Dr. Yaniv Hanoch, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Plymouth, England
Thumbnail of Wendy Slusser with booth display at outdoor health fair
Make the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice with Wendy Slusser, Associate Vice Provost of the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative, Clinical Professor of Community Health Sciences