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Thomas Rice

Distinguished Professor


DepartmentsType of Faculty
Health Policy and ManagementFull Time
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UCLA Fielding School of Public Health / Department of Health Policy and Management / 31-293C CHS

Areas of Interest: 
  • Health Economics
  • Research Methodology
  • Current Issues in Health Policy        

Thomas Rice is Professor of the Department of Health Policy and Management. He served as Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel for the UCLA campus from 2006-11. He teaches courses in health economics, research methodology, and current issues in health policy.

Dr. Rice received his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of California at Berkeley. He has conducted research projects and published in a number of areas, including: physicians' economic behavior; health insurance for the elderly; the Medicare program; health care cost containment; the role of competition in health care reform; and managed care. Dr. Rice has testified before the U.S. Congress numerous times on various health policy issues. In 1988, he received the Association for Health Services Research Young Investigator Award, given to the outstanding health services researcher in the United States age 35 or younger. In 1992, he received the Thompson Prize from the Association for University Programs in Health Administration, awarded annually to the outstanding health services researcher in the country age 40 or under. He was elected to the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Science, in 2006. In 1998, he received the Article-of-the-Year Award from the Association for Health Services Research. Dr. Rice served as Editor of the journal, Medical Care Research and Review from 1994-2000. The third edition of his book, The Economics of Health Reconsidered, was published in 2009.

PhD, University of California Berkeley
Selected Publications: 
  • Rice, Thomas, and Janet Cummings. “Reducing the Number of Drug Plans for Seniors: A Proposal and Analysis of Three Case Studies.” Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, December 2010, pp. 961-997.
  • Vladeck, Bruce C., and Thomas Rice. "Market Failure and the Failure of Discourse: Facing Up to the Power of Sellers." Health Affairs 28(5), September/October 2009, pp. 1305-1315.
  • Hanoch, Yaniv, Thomas Rice, Janet Cummings, and Stacey Wood. “How Much Choice is Too Much?: The Case of the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit.” Health Services Research 44(4), August 2009, pp. 1157-1168.
  • Rice, Thomas. “The Ownership Society and Health.” Health Services Research 41(6), pp. 2025-2032, December 2006.
  • Hanoch, Yaniv., and Thomas Rice, “Can Limiting Choice Increase Social Welfare?: The Elderly and Health Insurance. Milbank Quarterly 84(1), April 2006, pp. 37-73.
  • Rice, Thomas, and Katherine A. Desmond, “The Distributional Consequences of a Medicare ‘Premium Support’ Proposal.” Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law 29(6), December 2004, pp. 1187-1226.
  • Rice, Thomas, and Karen Y. Matsuoka, “The Impact of Cost Sharing on Appropriate Utilization and Health Status: A Review of the Literature on Seniors.” Medical Care Research and Review 61(4), December 2004, pp. 415-452.
  • Rice, T., The Economics of Health Reconsidered , Second Edition, (Chicago, Health Administration Press, 2003).
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  • Rice, Thomas, and Kathleen R. Morrison. "Patient Cost Sharing for Medical Services: A Review of the Literature and Implications for Health Care Reform." Medical Care Review 51(3), Fall 1994, pp. 235-287.
  • Labelle, Roberta, Greg Stoddart, and Thomas Rice. "A Re-Examination of the Meaning and Importance of Supplier-Induced Demand." Journal of Health Economics 13(3), October 1994, pp. 347-368.
  • Rice, Thomas, E. Richard Brown, and Roberta Wyn. "Holes in the Jackson Hole Approach to Health Care Reform." Journal of the American Medical Association 270(11), Sept. 15, 1993, pp. 1357-1362. (Article was reprinted in the October 14, 1993 Congressional Record, pp. E2434-E2436.)
  • Rice, Thomas. "Containing Health Care Costs in the United States." Medical Care Review 49(1), Spring 1992, pp. 19-65.