Annette Bartlett

Since December 2012, Annette Bartlett has been working in the role of Senior Academic HR & Payroll Analyst at the Fielding School of Public Health (FSPH). Annette is responsible for implementing HR and Payroll matters for all FSPH academic and academic apprentice/GSR appointments in various UC systems. Previously, she worked as a Faculty Payroll Analyst for 5 years in the School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. Additionally, Annette has 15 years of UCLA experience as a pre-and post-award Contract and Grant Research Administration Professional having worked in the departments of Pathology & Lab Medicine, Rheumatology, Neurology, and Microbiology & Immunology. Annette has degrees in Communications and Business Administration from North Dakota State University. Having been raised on a family farm/ranch in North Dakota, Annette moved to Santa Barbara, CA in 1981, later moving to West Los Angeles in 1983 during a big recession. Annette has maintained her strong work ethic from her roots, and has carried her conscientious and independent spirit into her UCLA job and personal life. Annette has 7 siblings, 350+ cousins, 13 nieces/nephews, and 2 adult children. She loves to cook and bake, and spend time with her siblings, children, and dogs.