Student Organizations

Student groups at FSPH provide students with the opportunity to get involved, meet peers with similar interests and have fun.

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  • Biostatistics Student Association

    The Biostatistics Student Association (BSA) is a student group whose mission is to create an environment conducive to academic growth, professional development, networking, and socializing among UCLA biostatistics students. BSA aims to represent the needs and concerns of the student body and facilitate conversations between students and faculty within the department.

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  • Community Health Sciences Student Association

    The Community Health Sciences Student Association (CHSSA) serves students in FSPH’s Department of Community Health Sciences (CHS), as well as any UCLA student who is interested in the field of community health sciences. CHSSA’s goal is to cultivate community among CHS students and provide student-to-student support to promote personal, academic, and professional success. 

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  • Environmental Health Sciences Student Association

    The Environmental Health Sciences Student Association (EHSSA) facilitates academic collaboration and interest among members of the UCLA community related to environmental health sciences, particularly among the graduate students and faculty at FSPH and in the school’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS). EHSSA sponsors fundraisers and social events for EHS students; coordinates EHS student presentations during the quarterly M411 department seminar on current and emerging research at FSPH; and hosts FSPH career development events, including a professional careers panel for EHS students. 

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  • Epidemiology Student Association

    The Epidemiology Student Association (ESA) is a student group that aims to work closely with students, alumni, and faculty to improve the educational experience of all individuals within FSPH’s Department of Epidemiology. ESA also acts as a resource for student social and academic needs, as well as professional and career development, through mentorship, networking, and community events. For information, visit the ESA website or contact ESA via email

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  • Industrial Hygiene Student Association

    The mission of the Industrial Hygiene Student Association (IHSA) is to promote the principles and practice of industrial hygiene (IH); encourage interactions among IH students in different stages of their academic careers; foster cooperation with other disciplines that are interested in employee health and safety; and interact with professionals in government, industry, academic, and other professional associations. For more information, please contact the IHSA via email

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Xinkai Zhou

Did you know that besides world-class faculty, we also have an ardent soccer squad? We crunch numbers and we have fun - that’s why I love UCLA Fielding Biostatistics.

Xinkai Zhou
PhD student, Biostatistics
  • Maternal and Child Health Student Interest Group

    The Maternal and Child Health Student Interest Group (MCH SIG) aims to promote the understanding of maternal and child health issues and advancements in the field. MCH SIG encourages student involvement and promotes service activities within the field of maternal and child health while creating and providing a supportive space for students interested in maternal and child health to network and connect with professionals and others in the maternal and child health community. For more information, visit the MCH SIG website

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  • Public Health Nutrition Club at UCLA

    The mission of the Public Health Nutrition Club at UCLA (PHNC) is to serve as a hub for public health nutrition on UCLA’s campus while facilitating meaningful involvement for students who want to make a difference through food and nutrition. Supported by the UCLA Partners in Excellence for Leadership in MCH Nutrition, PHNC promotes good nutrition as the basis for a healthy life. Its initiatives target an increase in food literacy and a decrease in food insecurity throughout the campus community. PHNC exposes students to volunteer experiences and networking opportunities with local organizations that are committed to improving the health of the community through good nutrition. Other activities include hosting a community-supported agriculture partnership, conducting food demonstrations across campus, and hosting a quarterly colloquia series with public health nutrition professionals. 

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  • Public Health Student Association

    The Public Health Student Association (PHSA) is a collective group of student leaders who work together to improve the overall student experience at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. PHSA is an organization for all students enrolled in FSPH, regardless of department. Its mission is to serve the academic and social needs of the association members; serve as liaison between students, the administration, and faculty; encourage and promote community involvement by association members; and stimulate interest in and advance the profession of public health. PHSA also collaborates frequently with the central administrative offices and the FSPH Ambassador Program.

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  • Queers for Public Health

    Queers for Public Health is a student organization whose mission is to create a welcoming and affirming community for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health through visibility, capacity-building, social connection, and professional development that furthers queer inclusion within the public health sector. 

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  • Students of Color for Public Health

    Students of Color for Public Health (SCPH) was formed in 2001 to strengthen the social support, career networking, and advocacy efforts of UCLA Fielding School of Public Health students and alumni of color. SCPH provides opportunities for students across departments to express public health interests and discuss health issues of concern to populations of color. SCPH contributes to efforts to improve the recruitment, retention, and graduation of students of color while maintaining ongoing involvement with alumni and community service organizations. 

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  • Reproductive Health Interest Group

    The Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG) was formed as part of the school's Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health. The group’s mission is to bring interested parties together to learn about and discuss reproductive health issues, share information, and engage in service/advocacy projects related to reproductive health. All UCLA FSPH students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate. Anyone interested in receiving information about meetings and events can be added to the group's listserv by emailing Paula Tavrow

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  • UCLA Health Policy and Management Student Association

    The UCLA Health Policy and Management Student Association (HPMSA) is the professional student organization for the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Fielding School of Public Health. Through philanthropic, social, and professional development programs, HPMSA strives to support students in their personal and professional growth. HPMSA works in partnership with the Health Policy and Management Alumni Association (HPMAA) to prepare its members for future leadership positions in administration, policy, and public health. For more information, contact HPMSA via email.

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  • The Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA

    The Mobile Clinic Project at UCLA is comprised of public health students, medical students, law students, undergraduates, and physicians who work together to provide health and social services to the homeless and medically indigent. Public health students conduct surveys, assess the needs of the community, provide health education, engage in media projects, coordinate HIV testing, and manage the transportation program. They also enroll patients in programs for free medication and maintain and dispense the medication at the clinic. 

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