Building a Healthier Future Together

Gilbert C. Gee and Sean Darling-Hammond

Fighting a Rigged System

When UCLA’s public health school opened in 1961, the U.S. civil rights movement was gaining momentum.

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Building a Healthier Future Together

Throughout the school’s history, thousands of individuals — FSPH students, faculty, staff, graduates, and collaborators — have educated, researched, and applied their public health knowledge and skills in partnerships with communities, policymakers, and leaders across a wide range of professions and organizations. They have done so in service to the betterment of the public’s health and well-being, at home in Los Angeles and around the world.

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Student Perspectives: Epidemiology

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Consequences of disbanding homeless encampments and rehousing efforts in Los Angeles County

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Electric vehicles improve air quality for everyone but have less impact in more polluted areas

Although electric vehicle ownership is higher in wealthier neighborhoods than in disadvantaged ones, EVs improve air quality in all communities, a UCLA study found.

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UCLA Fielding School of Public Health graduates lead transformative work — building a healthier future for all — here in Los Angeles, in all 50 U.S. states, and in 71 countries around the globe.

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    UCLA Fielding's alumni network is comprised of more than eleven thousand public health changemakers
Charitable food community work.

Community Impact

Amid substantial gaps in who has access to healthy, affordable meals, UCLA Fielding engages in community partnerships that promote change.

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Recent immigrants saw biggest spike in mental distress as anti-immigrant sentiment increased

UCLA study shows rate of serious psychological distress more than doubled for those in U.S. fewer than five years

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UCLA Fielding faculty listed among world’s most influential researchers
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