Annette Maxwell

Dr. Annette Maxwell is Professor of Health Policy and Management and conducts research at the Center for Cancer Prevention and Control Research and the UCLA Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Equity. She has developed a cancer research program that focuses on reducing cancer disparities. With funding from the NIH, ACS and DOD, she has conducted randomized trials to test interventions to increase breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening, hepatitis B testing, and to improve adherence to diagnostic follow-up procedures. She has partnered with many community-based organizations and churches to develop and test these interventions and to train peer navigators and community health advisors to recruit participants, deliver program components and conduct assessments. Dr. Maxwell and colleagues are using innovative recruitment strategies and research methods that are acceptable to ethnically diverse communities. Materials and protocols for three of Dr. Maxwell’s trials have been posted at Rtips as examples of research-tested programs that are recommended for broad dissemination.

As investigator for the UCLA Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network and for two CDC funded REACH projects (P.I.s Toni Yancey and Roshan Bastani), Dr. Maxwell has also conducted research to promote the primary prevention of cancer and other diseases by encouraging healthy lifestyles, including physical activity and healthy food choices. In addition, she is conducting research on the implementation and dissemination of evidence-based strategies that have the potential to improve population health.

Areas of Interest

  • Cancer Prevention and Control Research
  • Community-Partnered Research
  • Implementation and Dissemination Research

Selected Publications

  • Maxwell AE, Bastani R, Vida P, Warda US (2003). Results of a randomized trial to increase breast and cervical cancer screening among low-income Filipino-American women. Preventive Medicine 37:102-109.
  • Maxwell AE, Danao L, Crespi CM, Antonio C, Garcia GM, Bastani R (2008). Disparities in Receipt of FOBT versus Endoscopy among Filipino American immigrants. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 17(8):1963-7. PMC2852182
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