Arlecia Powell-Halley

Arlecia has worked in the field of student affairs for 28 years (19 years have been here at Fielding School of Public Health). During her nearly two decades here at Fielding she has had roles as a departmental student affairs officer, as the inaugural Director of Career Services and now as Director of Academic Services, she continues to foster the academic success and personal growth of our students. As a passionate support for graduate students, she is excited to serve as the Fielding School continues to grow with the addition of the undergraduate public health major.

Currently Arlecia provides comprehensive, need specific academic counseling to students in all degree programs of the five departments in the Fielding School of Public Health, facilitating graduate student’s successful completion of their degree requirements. She advises students, faculty and staff, including the departmental Student Affairs Officers, of University and School regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the School's master and doctoral degree programs. She is always willing to serve as a liaison between students and other UCLA campus wide offices; helping students navigate the sometimes complicated paths throughout upper campus. Undergraduate students can also count on Arlecia to assist with the Public Health Minor program.

Arlecia is a native of Los Angeles who received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from UCLA. After working in student affairs for several years, she desired more training and theoretical foundations of student development. She completed a Master of Science in Counseling with a specialization in student development in higher education.


  • MS, Counseling, California State University, Long Beach, CA
  • BA, Sociology, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA