Barbara Berman

Dr. Barbara Berman's research focuses on tobacco prevention among high risk adolescents and young adults, low-income multi-ethnic populations, and deaf and hard of hearing youth. Berman also works on developing effective cancer prevention and control programming, with a current emphasis on breast health and breast cancer, for adult populations. These cancer prevention and control programs are also geared toward deaf and hard of hearing women and health professionals.

Areas of Interest

  • Tobacco Prevention
  • Cancer Prevention and Control Programming 

Selected Publications

  • Berman BA, Bernaards C, Eckhardt EA, Kleiger HB, Maucere L, Streja L, Wong G, Barkin S, Bastani R. Is tobacco use a problem among deaf college students? Am Ann Deaf. 2006; 151(4): 441-51.
  • Berman BA, Kominski GF. The UCLA tobacco control program. Public Health Rep. 2006; 121(5): 515-20.
  • Wong GC, Bernaards CA, Berman BA, Jones C, Bernert JT. Do children with asthma and their parents agree on household ETS exposure? Implications for asthma management. Patient Educ Couns. 2004; 53(1): 19-25.
  • Berman BA, Wong GC, Bastani R, Hoang T, Jones C, Goldstein DR, Bernert JT, Hammond KS, Tashkin D, Lewis MA. Household smoking behavior and ETS exposure among children with asthma in low-income, minority households. Addict Behav. 2003; 28(1): 111-28.