David Hayes-Bautista

Dr. Hayes-Bautista is currently professor of public health and of medicine, and director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at the School of Medicine, UCLA. He graduated from UC Berkeley and completed his MA and PhD in Medical Sociology at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco. Dr. Hayes-Bautista's research focuses on the dynamics and processes of the health of the Latino population using both quantitative data sets and qualitative observations. The Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture combines these research interests with teaching of medical students, residents and practicing providers to manage the care of a Latino patient base effectively, efficiently and economically. His publications appear in Family Medicine, the American Journal of Public Health, Family Practice, Medical Care and Salud Pública de México. 


  • PhD, Medical Sociology, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
  • MA, Medical Sociology, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Areas of Interest

Health of Latino Population  

Selected Publications

  • Hayes-Bautista, David E., Nueva California. The University of California Press. Berkeley. November 2004 

  • Hayes-Bautista, David E., and Roberto Chiprut, Healing Latinos: Realidad y Fantasía. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 1999. 

  • Hayes-Bautista, David E., No Longer a Minority; Latinos and Social Policy in California. Los Angeles, UCLA/Chicano Studies Research Center, 1992. 

  • Hurtado, Aida, David E. Hayes-Bautista, et al., Redefining California: Latino Social Engagement in a Multicultural Society. Los Angeles: UCLA/Chicano Studies Research Center, 1992. 

  • Hayes-Bautista, David E., Werner Schink, and Jorge Chapa, The Burden of Support: The Young Latino Population in an Aging American Society. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1988. 

  • Hayes-Bautista, David E.; Firebaugh, Hon. Marco Antonio; Chamberlin, Cynthia L.; Gamboa, Cristina “Reginaldo Francisco del Valle, UCLA’s Forgotten Forefather” The Southern California Quarterly, HSSC. Forthcoming Spring 2006 

  • Hayes-Bautista, David E., Ph.D.; Hsu, Paul, M.S.P.; Perez, Aide, B.S.; Sosa, Lucette, B.S. Gamboa, B.S. “Hepitatis A: The Burden Among Latino Children in California” Salud Publica de Mexico/ Vol. 47, No.6, Nov-Dec. 2005 

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  • Hayes-Bautista, David E.; Hsu, Paul; Hayes-Bautista, Maria; Iñiguez, Delmy; Chamberlin, Cynthia L.; Rico, Christian; Solorio, Rosa “An Anomaly Within the Latino Epidemiological Paradox; The Latino Adolescent Male Mortality Peak” Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, Vol. 156, pgs. 480-484 May 2002