Diana Hilberman

Diana Hilberman is Adjunct Professor of Health Services and Director of the MPH Programs in Health Policy and Management, including the early career 2-year MPH Program, the one-year program in Health Services Organization for individuals with prior doctorates, and the four concurrent degree programs. She is also the founder and Co-Director of the Certificate in Health Management and Leadership, a program run in partnership with UCLA Extension. Dr. Hilberman teaches courses in organizational behavior in health care organizations, ethics, health care organization strategy, operations and administration of health delivery systems, and the organization and financing of the health system. She has managed the students’ summer field experience for 20 years and until recently advised the students’ applied research projects. 

Dr. Hilberman received her BA from UCLA in Sociology, an MSP in Community Organization and Social Planning from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, and an MSPH and DrPH from the UCLA School of Public Health. Her areas of research interest include inter-organizational relationships, hospital-physician relationships, organizational behavior, and management and strategy. For the past 10 years, her work has focused on the development of health management competencies for students in health administration programs. 

Dr. Hilberman has twice received the ACHE Regents Award for her contributions to health management excellence. She sat on the ACHE Regents Advisory Council for 15 years. She has been inducted into Delta Omega, the public health national honorary society, and Upsilon Phi Delta, the national health management honorary society. She has been a board member of the Commission for the Accreditation of Education for Health Management Education (CAHME), as well as a board member and Chair of the Association of Universities in Health Administration (AUPHA). Dr. Hilberman has been a board member and academic liaison for Health Executives of Southern California. She currently sits on the Board of Women in Health Administration of Southern California. 


  • DrPH, University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  • MSPH, University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
  • MSP, Boston College, Boston, MA
  • BA, University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Areas of Interest

  • Organizational Behavior in Health Care Organizations
  • Ethics
  • Health Care Organization Strategy
  • Operations and Administration of Health Delivery Systems
  • Organization and Financing of the Health System     

Selected Publications

  • Burns, Lawton R., Stephen Walston, Jeffrey Alexander, Howard Zuckerman, Andersen, Ronald, Paul Torrens, and Diana Hilberman, Forthcoming, 1999. "Just How Integrated Are Integrated Delivery Systems? Results From a National Survey", in MEDICINE MEETS BUSINESS: LESSONS FROM THE FIELD (Gaithersberg, MD: Aspen Publishers, Inc.). 

  • Hilberman, Diana W. 1998. "The Effect of Planning and Implementation Processes on the Development of Structural and Behavioral Linkages in Physician-Integration Arrangements." Doctoral Dissertation, (Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms, Inc.). 

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