Dorota M. Dabrowska


  • PhD, Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, CA
  • MA, Mathematics, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland

Areas of Interest

My research interests are in the areas of survival analysis and counting processes. I am particularly interested in non- and semi-parametric models and their applications to analyzes of multi-state models and clustered failure time data. Models of this kind arise in medical follow-up studies, as well as many other areas such as demography, epidemiology, econometrics and engineering. 

Selected Courses

  • Biostat 115: Topics in Estimation 
  • Biostat 202 B: Topics in Estimation 
  • Biostat 245: Advanced Seminar in Biostatistics 
  • Biostat 255: Topics in Probability and Biostatistics 
  • Biostat 270: Stochastic Processes 
  • Biostat 275: Advanced Survival Analysis 
  • Biostat 402B: Biostatistical Consulting 

Selected Publications

  • Dabrowska, D. M. (1988). Kaplan--Meier estimate on the plane. Ann. Statist.  16  1475-1489. 
  • Dabrowska, D. M. (1989). Uniform consistency of the kernel conditional Kaplan-Meier estimate.  Ann. Statist.  17 1157-1167. 
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  • Dabrowska, D. M. and Lee, W. (1996). Nonparametric estimation of transitions probabilities in a two--stage duration model.  J. Nonparametric Statist.  7  75--103. 
  • Dabrowska, D. M. (1997). Smoothed Cox regression.  Ann. Statist.  27  1510-1540. 
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  • Dabrowska, D. M., Elashoff, R. M., Ho, W. and Morton, D. L. (1998). Identifying predictive factors in melanoma progression. Oncology Reports  5  569-575. 
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