Jean Balgrosky

Dr. Jean Balgrosky’s career in health information systems and technology leadership and entrepreneurship spans 30 years as a chief information officer (CIO) in health care at Scripps Health in San Diego, Holy Cross Health System (Trinity Health System), and now MD Revolution. In addition, she is Founder of Bootstrap Venture Partners, investing in and nurturing innovative digital health information technology start-up companies. As CIO and Member of the Board of Directors at MD Revolution and several other digital health and life science early-stage companies, she provides leadership and strategy as well as investment funds, developing innovations in health care and life science. A force for change, she was recently selected as one of Top 25 Women Leaders in Consumer HealthTech by The Healthcare Technology Report. Dr. Balgrosky teaches Health Information Systems and Technology at the UCLA FSPH Health Policy & Management Department and is an active member of UCLA FSPH’s Board of Advisors.

Jean thrives academically by teaching the next generation of healthcare leaders, managers, and policymakers, and by writing textbooks about health information systems and technology. As career CIO, investor, and innovator, she is creating new ways to use information systems and technology to improve health. As mentor, she helps early-stage entrepreneurs in development of digital health solutions to meet emerging requirements in digital health and analytics, including AI. She is author of two textbooks: Essentials of Health Information Systems and Technology and Understanding Health Information Systems-for the Health Professions.

Jean earned her PhD at UCLA FSPH in Health Services, her Cognate in Health Information Systems and Technology, where she also completed her MPH in Management-Health Information Systems, and graduated Magna Cum Laude for her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health-Health Services with a specialization in Medical Records Science. Her PhD dissertation research, “Adoption of Electronic Health Records by Physicians for Use in their Practices,” analyzed differences between small and medium/large provider practices in their adoption of electronic health record systems.
She currently resides in Del Mar, CA with her husband, Parker Hinshaw, who together enjoy seven children and nine grandchildren. They sponsor the Jean Balgrosky and Parker Hinshaw Fellowship with the vision of supporting the education of two Fielding School students each year and are especially motivated to provide support to students who, despite hardships, are pursuing their degrees in public health.