Pablo Cicero-Fernandez

Research Interests:

Dr. Cicero-Fernandez is an Adjunct Assistant Professor and the Manager of the Specialty Vehicle and Engine Testing Section at the Haagen-Smit Laboratory of the California Air Resources Board. Research topics include the following:

1) Analyses of the effectiveness of air pollution controls in Mexico by studying human exposure assessment using GIS, robust estimation of air quality trends including meteorology and exposure assessment, and the scenario evaluation for future control measurements.

2) Control of episodic emissions from mobile sources during extreme conditions and developing and evaluating on-board emission measurements, and in-use evaporative emissions by substituting emission control devices.

3) Development of the emission inventory including the impact of humidity on the NOx using GIS and evaluation beyond a flat earth by assessing motor vehicle episodic emissions due to high load driving and positive grades, and a methodology to account for fixed point mobile source emissions

4) Estimation of non CO2 gases impacts and controls for global climate change such as the evaluation of refrigerant emissions of different classes of light-duty vehicles; 5) characterization of in-vehicle exposure measurement and modeling, and PM characterization from non-passenger sources such as off-road engines and alternative fuels, including biofuels.


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Selected Publications

  • D. Guzmán-Torresa, A. Eiguren-Fernándeza, P. Cicero-Fernández, M. Maubert-Franco, A. Retama-Hernández, R. Ramos Villegas, and A. H. Miguel Effects of meteorology on diurnal and nocturnal levels of priority polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and elemental and organic carbon in PM10 at a source and a receptor area in Mexico City. Atmospheric Environment 2009; Vol. 43 (1): 2693-2699.
  • M. Ramírez Aguilar, A. Barraza-Villarreal, H. Moreno Macias, A. Winer, P. Cicero-Fernandez, D. Velez, M. Cortez-Lugo, J. J. Sienra-Monge, and I. Romieu Assessment of personal exposure to ozone in asthmatic children residing in Mexico City. Salud Pública de México 2008; 50(1): 67-75.
  • R. Cicero-Sabido, L. Staines-Cicero, P. Cicero-Fernandez El consumo de tabaco. Desde los mayas al siglo XXI. Algunos puntos de vista.. Rev Inst Nal Enf Resp Mex 2003; 16(2): 103-107.
  • M. Ramirez-Aguilar, P. Cicero-Fernandez, A. M. Winer, I. Romieu, F. Meneses-Gonzalez, M. Hernandez-Avila Measurements of Personal Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide in Four Mexican Cities in 1996. Journal of Air and Waste Management 2002; 52: 174-185.
  • P. Cicero-Fernandez, V. Torres, A. Rosales, H. Cesar, K. Dorland, R. Muñoz, R. Uribe, A. P. Martinez Evaluation of Human Exposure to Ambient PM10 in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City using a GIS-Based Methodology. Journal of Air and Waste Management 2001; 51: 1886-1593.
  • P. Cicero-Fernández, Jeffrey R. Long, and A.M. Winer Effects of Grades and Other Loads on On-Road Emissions of Hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide. Journal of Air and Waste Management 1997; 47(8): 898-904.
  • M. J. St. Denis, P. Cicero-Fernández, A. Winer, J. W. Butler and G. Jeison Effects of In-Use Driving Conditions and Vehicle/Engine Operating Parameters on "Off-Cycle" Events: Comparisons with Federal Test Procedure Conditions. Journal of Air and Waste Management 1994; 44(1): 31-38.
  • P. Cicero-Fernández, W.A. Thistlewaite, Y.I. Falcon, and I.M. Guzmán Analysis of TSP, PM10 and PM10/TSP Ratio Distributions in Mexico City Metropolitan Area, A Temporal and Spatial Approach. Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology 1993; 3(1).
  • P. Cicero-Fernández La Atmosfera en una Ciudad Contaminada y las Fuentes que la Originan. Neumologia y Cirugia de Torax A.C. 1988; 47(3): 30-34.
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