Willetta Waisath

Willetta Waisath is a Senior Research Analyst and Research Manager at the WORLD Policy Analysis Center (WORLD), where she guides the development of law and policy databases, contributes to analysis, and supports the translation and dissemination of findings to diverse, international stakeholders. She focuses on laws and policies that shape the social determinants of health—including labor rights, social protection, and inclusive education policy. She has led WORLD’s efforts to measure labor and social policy provisions that expand or restrict coverage of marginalized workers in the informal economy. Prior to WORLD, Willetta worked across a range of quantitative and qualitative research projects including: access to early childhood care and education, health needs assessments, reproductive health education, sexual risk behavior, violence against children, and social interactions embedded in physical activity. Early in her career, her work supported community-based programs focused on healthy child development and family violence prevention. Willetta received her BA in Psychology from Coe College and her MPH in Community Health Sciences from UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health.