Z. John Lu

Dr. Lu is an expert in the biopharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical economics.  He is the director of the UCLA Seminar on Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy.

The UCLA Seminar, now in its 32nd season, is the longest running seminar of its kind in the country.  It has hosted hundreds of speakers from academia, industry, regulatory agencies and investment community, covering a wide range of topics such as pharmaceutical R&D, patent policy, firm strategic behavior, economic evaluation and value-based pricing of new drugs, international reference pricing, generic drug global supply chain, etc.

Dr. Lu has published extensively in pharmaceutical economics, including a recently published major policy book: Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy: Perspectives, Promises, and Problems (co-authored with the late UCLA Professor Stuart Schweitzer; Oxford University Press, 2018).

Prior to joining academia, Dr. Lu was a health economist in the biopharmaceutical industry for two decades. He spent nearly 17 years at Amgen where he led an interdisciplinary team on economic evaluation, drug value demonstration, and pricing.  He also provided expert advice on public policy discussions regarding the biopharmaceutical industry. Dr. Lu has provided economic consulting services to numerous biopharmaceutical firms.

Dr. Lu is also a tenured associate professor of economics at the Martin V Smith School of Business and Economics, California State University, Channel Islands.


PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1993

Selected Publications: 

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