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Schoolwide Core Courses


We are excited to announce our revised integrated core curriculum for all entering 2021 MPH degree students. MPH students will no longer take four separate introductory courses in the other departments outside their selected concentration. Instead, they will take three courses:

  • PH 200A: Foundations of Public Health (8 units)
  • PH 200B: Foundations of Public Health (8 units)
  • PH 401: Public Health as a Profession (4 units)

These courses provide a strong foundation in the knowledge, skills, and practice of public health. In addition, they address the 12 “learning experiences” and 22 “foundational competencies” required by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), the accrediting body for all schools and programs of public health.

PH 200A/B Course Description

PH 200 A/B introduces MPH students to the foundational concepts, definitions, historical milestones, and essential methods in the core disciplines of public health. This class will combine the perspectives of our five departments (Biostatistics, Community Health Sciences, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, and Health Policy and Management) into a single integrated core class that will be taught during the Fall and Winter quarters of your first year. Using a mix of traditional lecture presentations, active-learning case-based classroom discussions, lab sessions, and team-based projects, students will learn essential knowledge about public health as well as the skills needed to be effective public health professionals. This includes oral and written presentation skills for relevant audiences, data analytic skills, and multidisciplinary team-building skills working with fellow MPH students from every department in the School.

PH 401 Course Description (starting Fall 2021)

PH 401 introduces MPH students to interprofessional collaboration, team building, leadership, communication, cultural humility, and implicit bias. The overall goal of this course is for students to develop a strong skill set and practice collaborative skills essential to succeeding in the public health workforce. In the fall of their second year, MPH students participate in three sessions of a Systems-Based Healthcare course alongside with dental, medical, and nursing students, which highlights the interdisciplinary nature of public health.

For concentration-specific courses required for degree fulfillment, please contact the academic department's Student Affairs Officers.