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“Trauma, Race, and Substance Misuse: Empowering Underserved Communities through Research, Training, and Dissemination"

Dr. Micah Johnson, assistant professor in the Department of Mental Health, Law & Policy at the University of South Florida, will discuss preliminary findings from a quantitative investigation of the mechanisms underlying potential racial/ethnic and sex differences in risk for substance use disorder (SUD) and disparities in SUD treatment services among justice-involved adolescents. The juvenile justice system has become the de facto behavioral health system for many adolescents, especially for low-income and minoritized groups. Certain ethnic groups and females in the juvenile justice system are predisposed to harsher consequences of substance misuse and are more prone to suffer from undiagnosed SUDs. Preliminary findings indicate race and sex disparities in SUD treatment services. The presentation will also discuss efforts to improve health and empower underserved communities through training and outreach. These initiatives serve to advance science on the etiology of substance misuse, improve SUD prevention and treatment, and expand research on minoritized groups, females, and other populations facing disproportionate consequences of misuse.