Building for the Future

Students putting their hands together

In China, more than 3,000 health professionals have received training over the last three decades through the Fielding School’s UCLA/Fogarty AIDS International Research and Training Program. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the FSPH-based UCLA-DRC Health Research and Training Program works with government and university partners to build local capacity to respond to emerging infectious disease outbreaks in one of the world’s major disease hotspots. In Southern California, a key region within a state widely viewed as leading the way in transforming the U.S. health care system, many health care system leaders have honed their skills at the Fielding School.

Every day, both within the confines of the Fielding School and in communities near and far, students, postdoctoral scholars and working professionals are advancing their public health knowledge with the help of FSPH experts and their community partners. Through instruction and supervised hands-on experiences, skills and wisdom are passed from trainer to trainee. In the process, leaders are born — leaders who will, in time, impart their FSPH-inherited wisdom to a new generation of trainees.

The road to success for any public health professional is paved with powerful training and mentorship experiences. The pages that follow depict some of the wide-ranging Fielding School training programs and approaches, and the public health benefits they bring.