UCLA Fielding PhD candidate wins Health Affairs' “You’re a Health Policy Wonk If…” contest

Linh Chuong, a PhD candidate in the Department of Health Policy and Management was selected as the 2023 winner for the journal Health Affairs' inaugural “You’re a Health Policy Wonk If…” campaign, which received more than 100 submissions.

Chuong's winning submission included: “You’re a health policy wonk if…your toddler tells you their sick stuffed animal needs to see the doctor and your first concern is if they are overutilizing care.”

As a health policy and management PhD candidate at UCLA Fielding, Chuong research interests include conducting applied policy and evaluation research to tackle health disparities and the social determinants of health, and communicating the findings and implications of that research. Chuong currently manages a multi-site evaluation study for the UCLA Value-Based Care Research Consortium.

Linh Chuong