Honor Roll 2023

The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations for making contributions to support research, education, and service during FSPH’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. This Honor Roll acknowledges gifts and grants of $60 and above made to the school from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. Contributions in every amount are of great importance to the school and are deeply appreciated. UCLA Fielding is also grateful to those who give of their time and talents to enhance the educational experiences of our students.


$100,000 AND ABOVE


Sallyann and Eugene Fama

Monica Salinas

Suzanne Schweitzer MPH ’78, Jeremy Schweitzer, Maurice E. Schweitzer, and Theodore U. Schweitzer in memory of Stuart Schweitzer ’61

Gary S. Whitted MPH ’74, PhD ’83

Various Donors

$10,000 - $99,999

Marianne MLS ’93 and Abdelmonem Afifi

Diane and Ronald Andersen

Jean Balgrosky ’74, MPH ’80, PhD ’15 and Parker Hinshaw

Devra Breslow

Robin Fox and Ron Brookmeyer

Linda Burnes Bolton MN ’72, MPH ’76, DrPH ’88

Carol and Russell Faucett

Julie Waxman and Seth Freeman MPH ’19

Deborah and Chris Glik

Don S. Levin Trust and Edna and Tom Gordon ’71

Burt I. Harris Jr.

Barbara ’77 and Kenneth Kubarych

Karen S. L. Lee MPH ’03

Lori MPH ’96, PhD ’02 and Daniel Pelliccioni

Karen ’74 and Lawrence Platt

Shane S. Que Hee

Lawrence S. Rubenstein ’68, MS ’70, MPH ’72, PhD ’75

Deborah Levy ’80, MPH ’83 and Bert Russo

Peter W. Shapiro

Shirley ’59 and Ralph Shapiro ’53, JD ’58

Patricia and Richard Sinaiko MPH ’77

Cornelia Daly ’77, MD ’83 and Arthur Southam MD ’83, MPH ’84

Julia Strickland JD ’78 and Timothy Wahl

Leslie Vermut and Thomas Weinberger

Melissa and Mark Zatzkis

$1,000 - $9,999

Grace and Craig Acosta MBA ’88, MPH ’89

Unna and Harry Albers

Ira Alpert MSPH ’66

Ruth M. Arevalo MPH ’88

Wendy Arnold MPH ’82

Sandra MPH ’88 and Charles Aronberg ’50

Roshan and Sharok Bastani

Noushin Bayat MPH ’96

David C. Bohnett

Diana Bontá MPH ’75, DrPH ’92 and Frank Matricardi MPH ’72, DrPH ’82

Bernadette and James Brown MPH ’95

Doris Browne MPH ’68

Barbara MSPH ’73 and Kelly Chan MBA ’69

Karen and Sanford Decker

Zhaoping Li and Kenny Deng MPH ’96

Mimi and Roger Detels

Ernest A. Diaz ’88, MPH ’92

Daryl Dichek MPH ’87 and Ken Smith

Paula Diehr MS ’67, PhD ’70 and Frank Hughes

Lorraine and Gerald Factor

Jonathan E. Freedman ’86, MS ’91

Rita Flynn and Ralph Frerichs

Patricia MD ’73 and Tomas Ganz ’70, MD ’78

Dean Hansell and Eric Kugler

Lauren A. Harrell MS ’11, PhD ’15

Alice Holzman and Charles Briggs

Fannie Huang ’01, MS ’06 and Michael Mori ’01

Christina and John Ivie MPH ’80

hhandasi Bagchi MPH ’06 and Anirban Ganguly ’97

Valantine and Dennis Gelyana MPH ’01

Connie and Glenn Gipson

Lynn Pettitt MPH ’92 and Michael Gokey

Victoria L. Goldfarb JD ’87

Marcia W. Goldgar

Caroline MS ’96 and Mark Goldzweig

Mark E. Granoff MPH ’79

Susan and Jim Haden MPH ’71

Clinton J. Hall PhD ’18

Ester and Clarence Hall MPH ’69

Ann S. Hamilton PhD ’87

Mary J. Hansell MPH ’83, DrPH ’89

Alysia Harris

Nicole MPH ’10 and Noah Haskell ’99, MBA ’09

Sara Haynes MPH ’03 and Michael Scippa

Elizabeth and Robert Herrick MS ’80

Nancy DrPH ’00 and Allan Hikoyeda

Peggy da Silva ’76 and Dan Hodapp

Mary Hofmann Henriques MPH ’00 and Weyron Henriques

Maryann and James Hook MPH ’79

Nancy E. Horvath MPH ’75

Margo-Lea Hurwicz MA ’74, PhD ’82 and Jack Ketola ’74, MA ’75

Mary and Joseph Indenbaum MPH ’62

Kiva ’93, MPH ’00 and Gene Iverson

Kevin James

Pui Yue Hon and Henry Jew

Allison Kamerman

Marlene ’59 and Josef Kamienny

Beth and Avram Kaplan ’71, MPH ’72

Barbara Kar

Shan Cretin and Emmett Keeler

Kara Keeling

Loan PhD ’11 and John Kim

Han and Robert Kim-Farley MPH ’75

Rosalyn MPH ’72 and Sterling King Jr. MPH ’71, DrPH ’76

Nancy J. Kingston MPH ’74

Paula MPH ’99 and Matthew Kirchner

Jennifer K. Kitzman MPH ’00

Avi Klein ’10

Melodye ’78, MPH ’80 and Leonard Kleinman MPH ’78

Jennifer ’82, MN ’85, MPH ’87 and Frank Kozakowski ’76, MA ’78

David Krasnow MPH ’98

Luis G. Kun ’72, MS ’74, PhD ’78

Ruby M. Kuratomi ’67, MPH ’81

Linda O. Lange MPH ’91, DrPH ’96

Karen Johnson Lassner MA ’75, MPH ’76 and Norberto Lassner ’74, MS ’77

Ang-Lee Lee

Amy and Terrence Lee MPH ’90

Barron N. Lee MPH ’98

Jennifer MPH ’22 and Richard Lehmann

Chunqing Lin PhD ’09

Miaomiao Liu MS ’05

Susan Lloyd-Anders MPH ’81 and Glenn Anders

Leah Maddock Loh MPH ’05, MBA ’19 and Steve Loh ’94

Misha and Sharukh Lokhandwala ’07

Marcus M. Look MPH ’82

Brianna Lotze MPH ’20

Carolyn Mendez-Luck MPH ’96, PhD ’03 and Jeffrey Luck MBA ’86

Wai Fong Lui Chak and Yuk Seung Lui

Tamara ’75 and Herbert Lundblad MPH ’77, DENV ’82

Jennifer Malin MD ’92, PhD ’01 and Brooks Ensign

Beth Glenn and Abdalla Mallouk ’96

Melissa and Osvaldo Martinez MPH ’03

Melinda Martinez MPH ’22

Denise C. Mathes MPH ’02

Diana MPH ’74 and Yoshihiro Matsushima

Jeannette E. May MPH ’89

Monica F. McCann MA ’04, MPH ’04

Rosemary and John McGuire

Hannah MPH ’02 and David Moore

Lisa M. Moore MPH ’05
Nancy and Chet Mulholland ’72

Nancy A. Murakami ’59

Maureen Neville

Chasity Jennings-Nunez and Felix Nunez MPH ’01

Christine K. Oakley MPH ’79

Joseph Oliva

Maria J. Ortega MPH ’97

Ruth Mohr MPH ’73 and David Owens

Norma Gomez Parra and Ernesto Parra MPH ’90

Dorothy M. Paynes MPH ’73

Mercedes Perez MPH ’04

Denise Perpich MA ’01, MPH ’01 and John Brown PhD ’99

Nico C. Potterat MPH ’05

Michael L. Prelip MPH ’85

Julia Prentice MS ’01, PhD ’04 and Donald Elmore Jr.

Veronica Quimpo MPH ’93

Cynthia O. Recio MPH ’05

Sylvia and Ronald Retzer MPH ’73

Luanne Rohrbach MPH ’80 and Thomas Szayna

Jane and Sholom Rosen

Kerstin and George Royce ’63

Cameron Salehi

Leslie and Kenneth Satin MPH ’78, DrPH ’81

Marion and Anthony Schiff MPH ’78

Wendy ’84, MS ’89 and Paul Schiffer

Jennifer Scott Powers

Karina and Andrew Sefkow ’91, MS ’94

Shira Shafir PhD ’06 and Theodore Kroeber

Annette and Larry Sharfstein ’80, MPH ’86

Bharti Sheth MS ’77

Gale F. Shornick PhD ’97

Margery Lackman and Daniel Smith DrPH ’83

John Sohl MS ’80

Denise MPH ’82 and Joseph Spaulding

Nicolette ’67 and Ronald Spoltore

Kathy and John Stein MPH ’76

Rebecca M. Steinberg MPH ’10

Sylvia and Daniel Stone MPH ’95

Gail and Ira Studin MPH ’84

Carole MPH ’87 and Rafael Suarez Jr.

Joshua Bobrowsky MPH ’97, JD ’08 and Daniel Tarica

Susan Taylor MPH ’87

Jessica Thies MPH ’22

Genevieve and Citron Toy ’53

Monique Trinh and William Keith

Travis Y. Tu ’92, MPH ’95

Kathleen E. Umamoto

Lucy Pennington MPH ’88, MBA ’90 and Cristino Viveros

Carole and Paul Viviano MPA ’76

Leah Vriesman PhD ’01 and Jonathan Wee

Jeanne MPH ’76 and Richard Waite

Hazel G. Wallace MPH ’68, DrPH ’72

Linda and Albert Wang MS ’87

Irene Tsai ’99, MPH ’03 and James Wannares MPH ’02

Benedita and Robert Weiss

Betty Whitehead ’73, MPH ’75

Manhal and G. Darryl Wieland MPH ’83

Lennie Wong ’79, MS ’80, PhD ’87 and Richard Sposto ’74, MS ’77, PhD ’81

Stephanie A. Wong ’04, MPH ’07

Patty Wong and Robert Dion

Christina Wong

Connie C. Wong MPH ’09

Constance Fung MD ’98, MS ’03 and Hawkin Woo MPH ’09

Saundra and David Woodly MPH ’74

Christine Z. Yang ’08, MPH ’10

Gina Yap and Michael Newnham

Eleanor D. Young ’77, MPH ’84

Maria-Elena D. Young PhD ’18

Stanley C. Yuen ’99, MPH ’02

Jacqueline and Michael Zapf MPH ’72

Rui Zhao and Xi Zhu

Yifang Zhu PhD ’03 and Michael Zhang


$1,000,000 AND MORE

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The California Endowment

California Health Care Foundation

Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

$100,000 - $999,999

Alpha Foundation for the Improvement of Mine Safety and Health

Blue Shield of California Research & Education Foundation

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The California Wellness Foundation

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Family Values @ Work Action, Inc.

Health Effects of Air Pollution Foundation

La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology

Leadership Conference Education Fund

Massachusetts General Hospital

The Molina Healthcare Charitable Foundation

National Bureau of Economic Research


RAND Corporation

Royal Society

The Society of Family Planning

$10,000 - $99,999

The African Network for Health Education

Alzheimer’s Association

The Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center

Archstone Foundation

California Center for Public Health Advocacy

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Kaiser Permanente Inc.

Karen Toffler Charitable Trust

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Metta Fund

Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

AltaMed Health Services Corporation

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Institute of International Education L.A. Care Health Plan

Preferred IPA of California

Providence Health & Services

The SCAN Foundation

SCAN Health Plan

UCLA Health

$60 - $999


Centene Management Company LLC

Chevron Corporation

City of Hope

The David Bohnett Foundation

Desert Vista Advisors

Edison International Foundation


Indus Management, LLC

Kenlindachan Trust

Kroger Company

Mill River Foundation

Nike, Inc.

NRG Oncology

Partners in Care Foundation

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

PricewaterhouseCoopers Foundation

Southern California Edison

Spencer Stuart

St. Paul the Apostle Church

Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Visa Inc.

UnitedHealth Group, Inc.

Venice Family Clinic

It is important to us that we acknowledge your gift properly. Every effort has been made to ensure the completeness and accuracy of this Honor Roll. Please let us know of any omissions or errors by calling (310) 825-6464 or emailing publichealth@support.ucla.edu.

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