Russell Faucett

Russ Faucett, now retired, was President of Barrington Wilshire LLC and General Partner of Barrington Partners LP, investment companies that specialized in investing in the equity and debt securities of publicly traded U.S. and European companies in financial difficulty. In addition to his business and investment activities, Russ has worked with several non-profit organizations, assisting in their strategic planning and financial management. In 2003 the Faucett Catalyst Fund, a family foundation, was established to further these philanthropic interests, emphasizing social entrepreneurship in areas of environment and conservation, international economic development, and healthcare.

Russ has non-professional interests in classical music, ornithology and conservation biology, and the challenge of international economic development. Russ has years of experiences in Latin America – climbing, trekking, birding, and working with the Organization for Tropical Studies (tropical biology) and Acción International (microfinance). Recently his focus has shifted from Latin America to sub-Saharan Africa, working with TechnoServe and the UCLA-DRC Public Health Program.

Russ has a BA with Distinction in Physics from Pomona College and a MS in Industrial Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology