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Mission and Vision


Building Healthy Futures...In greater Los Angeles, California, the Nation, and the World.


Creating healthy futures for all, locally, nationally and globally.


Develop leaders who will create transformational change needed for a healthy, multicultural 21st century.


Cultivate new knowledge, evidence and pioneering solutions to markedly improve the health of all communities.


Build partnerships, collaborations and community capacity to identify and address public health issues.

The mission for the Fielding School of Public Health reflects our collective values of building health and equity, and reflects our commitment to driving positive change for all people. We plan to act on this mission with efforts in the three areas that are core to the work of all great research universities: education, discovery, and service. In each of our three core domains, we affirm our commitment to developing leaders, developing evidence based solutions, and working in partnership with communities to promote health and well-being in ways that are innovative, respectful, and inclusive.


The following strategic goals support the School's Vision and Mission --

In Education:

1. Effective Graduates: Prepare students with skills and expertise to make important contributions to public health.

2. Bi-Directional Community Learning: Set the standard in bi-directional learning that leverages the expertise of community partners.

In Discovery:

3. High-Impact Research: Advance research with the greatest potential impact on population health and health systems.

4. Innovative Solutions: Be a world leader in innovation to advance population health.

In Service:

5. Health Equity: Eliminate health disparities and promote health equity.

6. Healthy Environment: Engage the expertise of individuals and organizations to create an environment that is conducive to health.

7. Millions Saving Millions: Leverage the power of new technology and communication platforms that connect millions of people to learn from and accelerate progress towards health for all.

8. Policy Impact: Shape the public policy agenda to impact health.

In addition, we identified four Cross-Cutting goals that span across the core mission areas and are central to both our values and our success. These are:

1. Magnet for Visionaries: Position FSPH as a magnet for students, faculty, and staff committed to making transformational changes in public health.

2. Inclusive Culture: Be a model in creating a community that fosters passion and inclusivity.

3. Leadership: Elevate FSPH’s visibility to further our mission, and impact.

4. State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Secure sustainable resource