UCLA and SPH Forms and Templates

UCLA requires certain forms for submission of contract and grants that are particular to UCLA such as the Request for Proposal Approval and Submission and Disclosure of Financial Interest statements.

Following is a link to the OCGA forms webpage and direct links to the forms for downloading. 

  • UCLA Office of Contract and Grants - Forms
  • Extramural Proposal Approval and Submission Summary (EPASS) is the UCLA internal form used for the review of applications or proposals submitted to extramural funding agencies. Download EPASS form and instructions.
  • Economic Interest and Financial Disclosure Forms (Forms 700-U and 740)
    • State (UCLA Form 700-U) Under California law, Principal and Co-Principal Investigators are required to disclose financial interests in a non-governmental source (such as a private agency, foundation or company) if that source (sponsor) provides funds for a research project. 
    • Federal (UCLA Form 740) Since October 1, 1995, investigators submitting proposals to the National Science Foundation and the Public Health Services (including NIH) are required to disclose financial interests that may be related to the work performed under a sponsored project. Disclosure is required before a proposal is submitted, when changes to financial interest(s) occur or a new investigator is added to a project for which disclosure is required.

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health Forms

UCLA Fielding requires certain forms for submission of contracts and grants proposals going through the school. The department MSO will usually prepare these forms. Any proposal involving an FSPH principal investigator must go through FSPH and OCGA for review and signature. Proposals should never be sent directly to the agency without first going through FSPH and OCGA. The final version signed by OCGA and sent to the agency must first be signed by the department chair and the Dean's Office.

  • PI Exception Form - This form is used for those submitting a grant as a principal investigator that does not automatically qualify as such under UCLA Policy 900. Please contact Dr. Cathy Lang for guidance on completing these forms. 
  • E-RAS - Request for Authorization to Spend Funds Prior to Receipt of an Award - Submit a E-RAS whenever it is necessary to obtain an account/fund number for an extramural funded project prior to the receipt of the actual award from the sponsor. UCLA Policy 920 describes the circumstances in which it is permissible to spend funds prior to the receipt of the award.