"Is dark chocolate bad for your health?"

"New research...shows that dark chocolate contains cadmium and lead, two heavy metals that can lead to health problems. //Of the 28 dark chocolate bars researchers studied, they found these two heavy metals in all of them. The amount of cadmium considered safe by health experts for is 4.1 ug/day and for lead it’s 0.5 ug/day. Scientists found that for 23 of the dark chocolate bars, consuming one ounce exceeded these daily amounts. And 5 of the bars contained higher levels for both heavy metals. Due to the fact that cadmium and lead can cause developmental issues, exposure to these heavy metals poses the greatest risk for pregnant people and young children.

'Too much cadmium can damage the liver and kidneys,' Dr. Dana Ellis Hunnes, assistant professor at UCLA Fielding school of public health and senior clinical dietitian at UCLA Medical Center told Healthline. 'Therefore, whatever you can do to avoid or limit your intake to the best of your ability is recommended.'"

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