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Certificate programs allow you focus on gaining knowledge and skills in a particular area of public health, and they are an excellent way to develop a skill set in a specific area. Certificates are designed either for:

  • Graduate students within the Fielding School of Public Health
  • Graduate students in any department at UCLA
  • Non-degree students

The certificates for non-degree students typically attract professionals seeking to enhance their skills in a particular area or those aspiring to change fields.

A summary of certificates in areas related to public health is below, with links to more information about these programs.

Matriculated and/or Professional Students

Title Description
Global Health Certificate

The Global Health Certificate will provide you with broad-based knowledge in global health, and can serve as a valuable qualification and differentiator in an increasingly competitive job market. Awarded through the UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health, the certificate is open to any graduate or professional student at UCLA. In conferring the certificate, the UCLA School of Public Health recognizes a student’s capacity to work as a public health or health care professional with a global health perspective.

To earn the certificate, students:

  • Take courses related to global health
  • Complete an international fieldwork experience
  • Complete a departmental project on a global health topic
  • Attend two global health seminars at UCLA

At the Fielding School of Public Health our approach to global health is multidisciplinary, integrating social, behavioral, cultural, epidemiologic, biologic, economic and political aspects of health

The UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health will award a certificate in Global Health to any graduate or professional student who meets ALL of the following requirements:

  • Completes CHS 200 or HPM 240 (see global health courses for course descriptions)
  • Completes Certification from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program [or EPI 273 for previous cohorts]
  • Completes at least 12 additional units with global health content (see global health courses for a list of electives) -- Students can also submit electives not on this list for approval
  • Completes an international experience (at least 10 weeks in a lower/middle income country) and a 5-page analytical paper on this experience 
  • [For students entering UCLA Fall 2015 or before] Completes a departmental project on a Global Health Topic. It can be a class paper on global health topic, a project used as student’s master thesis or doctoral thesis, or a poster presented in a conference.
  • [For students entering UCLA Fall 2016 and after] Completes a 5-page capstone paper describing how the GHC program integrates with the student’s graduate studies, how it amplifies their understanding of one or more of the global health competencies, and how these competencies are likely to influence their professional career.
  • Attends at least two Global Health lunchtime lectures or other lectures sponsored by the UCLA Center for Global and Immigrant Health, the UCLA School of Public Health of the UCLA Center for World Health.

The Global Health Certificate is only available to graduate or professional students who are currently enrolled in study at UCLA. If you are a current or prospective UCLA student and are interested in more information about the Global Health certificate, please send an e-mail to:  

To apply:

Once you have completed all requirements for the certificate, please submit the following:

  • Completed application (please see attachment below)
  • Transcript (unofficial is fine)
  • Copy of Global Health Departmental Project
  • Two Signed Global Health Lecture Forms (please see attachment below)

Please submit completed applications for the Global Health Certificate electronically to  

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Bixby Population and Reproductive Health Certificate

The Bixby Training Program awards certificates to graduating Master's students at the Fielding School of Public Health who develop expertise in population and reproductive health.
The certificate shows that the student has completed course work and field work recommended by the Bixby Program and has developed competency in:

  • Population and reproductive health policies and programs
  • Socioeconomic and behavioral factors,
  • Program design and evaluation,
  • Health education, and
  • Ethics and advocacy

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Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS)
  • A person certified in REHS works to improve the quality of life and health through environmental education, consultation, and enforcement.  
  • Students interested in completing the requirements for REHS take specific electives and core requirements while in the program.
  • This certification program is open to students in the MPH program in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

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Leaders in Sustainability (LIS) Certificate

The Leaders in Sustainability certificate program is aimed at graduate students (masters and doctoral) who:

  • Will become decision-makers in various types of organizations (businesses, non-profits, governmental, etc.) and
  • Will have to address the three dimensions of sustainability  

The emphasis is open to all graduate students at UCLA.

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Food Studies Graduate Certificate Program

Food is integral to life. In addition to playing a role in human health and development, food relates to the environmental, economic, and cultural aspects of our society. As a result, it has become a subject of interest and inquiry in multiple disciplines including agriculture, anthropology, geography, humanities, law, nutrition, psychology, public health, public policy, and other natural and social sciences.

With food security and environmental sustainability becoming increasing global concerns, there is an urgency to educate the next generation of leaders. The Food Studies graduate certificate program offers UCLA PhD, MA, and professional school students the opportunity to investigate this growing field through an interdisciplinary curriculum. The program will prepare students from diverse disciplines to address complex topics in food cultures and histories, nutrition and public health, food policy and food justice, and urban planning and the environment.

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