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Sangeeta Ahluwalia

Assistant Professor


DepartmentsType of Faculty
Health Policy and ManagementPart Time
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Areas of Interest: 
  • Implementation Science
  • Access and use of End-of life care
  • Qualitative research methods        

Sangeeta C. Ahluwalia is Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at UCLA and a Research Health Scientist with the HSR&D Center of Excellence for the Study of Healthcare Provider Behavior at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. She is also Adjunct Research Staff at RAND Corporation. She currently teaches the Politics of Health Policy (HS 287) course for students in the Health Policy and Management Program. 

Dr. Ahluwalia’s research examines barriers and facilitators to palliative care for patients with serious progressive illness, with the goal of improving integration of palliative services into routine care. Her most recent work has centered on identifying opportunities for improving patient-provider communication regarding advance care planning in heart failure. Dr. Ahluwalia has additional expertise in implementation science, and as a National Palliative Care Research Center Career Development Awardee, she is studying the implementation and evaluation of an intervention to improve routine conduct of family meetings in the ICU. Dr. Ahluwalia’s primary policy interests are in understanding the role of interest groups and framing effects on health policy implementation and adoption. 

PhD, UC Berkeley
MA, UC Berkeley
BA, UC Berkeley
Selected Publications: 
  • Ahluwalia SC, Levin JR, Lorenz KA, Gordon HS. There’s no cure for this condition”: How physicians discuss advance care planning in heart failure. Patient Educ Couns, In press.
  • Ahluwalia SC, Gordon HS. Advance care planning safeguards. JGIM, 2012 Aug 10: Epub ahead of print
  • Ahluwalia SC, Leos R, Goebel JR, Asch SM, Lorenz KA. Provider approaches to palliative dyspnea assessment: Implications for informatics-based clinical tools. AJHPM, 2012 Jun 5: Epub ahead of print
  • Ahluwalia SC, Gross CP, Chaudhry SI, Ning Y, Leo-Summers L, Van Ness PH, Fried TR. Impact of comorbidity on mortality among older persons with heart failure. JGIM, 2012; 27(5): 513-9
  • Ahluwalia SC, Levin JR, Lorenz KA, Gordon HS. Missed opportunities for advance care planning during outpatient clinic visits. JGIM, 2012; 27(4): 445-51.
  • Ahluwalia SC, Chuang F, Antonio AM, Malin JL, Lorenz KA, Walling A. Documentation and discussion of preferences for care among patients with advanced cancer. JOP, 2011; 7(6): 361-366.
  • Ahluwalia SC, Gross CP, Chaudhry SI, Leo-Summers L, Van Ness PH, Fried TR. Change in comorbidity prevalence with advancing age among persons with heart failure. JGIM, 2011; 26(10): 1145-51.
  • Ahluwalia SC, Gill TM, Baker DI, Fried TR. Perspectives of older persons on bathing and bathing disability: A qualitative study. J Am Geriatr Soc, 2010; 58(3): 460-6.
  • Ahluwalia SC, Fried TR. Physician factors associated with outpatient palliative care referral. Palliat Med 2009; 23(7): 608-15.