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Dorota M. Dabrowska

Dorota Dabrowska
Professor Emerita


DepartmentsType of Faculty
BiostatisticsFull Time
Contact Information

Room 51-253C CHS

Department of Biostatistics

UCLA School of Public Health

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772

Areas of Interest: 

My research interests are in the areas of survival analysis and counting processes. I am particularly interested in non- and semi-parametric models and their applications to analyzes of multi-state models and clustered failure time data. Models of this kind arise in medical follow-up studies, as well as many other areas such as demography, epidemiology, econometrics and engineering.

PhD Statistics (1984) University of California, Berkeley
MA Mathematics (1978) Warsaw University, Poland
Selected Courses: 
Biostat 115: Topics in Estimation
Biostat 202 B: Topics in Estimation
Biostat 245: Advanced Seminar in Biostatistics
Biostat 255: Topics in Probability and Biostatistics
Biostat 270: Stochastic Processes
Biostat 275: Advanced Survival Analysis
Biostat 402B: Biostatistical Consulting
Selected Publications: 

Dabrowska, D. M. (1988). Kaplan--Meier estimate on the plane. Ann. Statist.  16  1475-1489.

Dabrowska, D. M. (1989). Uniform consistency of the kernel conditional Kaplan-Meier estimate.  Ann. Statist.  17 1157-1167.

Dabrowska, D. M., Sun, G. W. and Horowitz, M. M. (1994). Cox regression in a Markov renewal model: an application to analysis of bone marrow transplant data.  J. Amer. Statist. Assoc.  89  867--877.

Dabrowska, D. M. and Lee, W. (1996). Nonparametric estimation of transitions probabilities in a two--stage duration model.  J. Nonparametric Statist.  7  75--103.

Dabrowska, D. M. (1997). Smoothed Cox regression.  Ann. Statist.  27  1510-1540.

Dabrowska, D. M. (1998). Multivariate Survival Analysis. In Encyclopedia of Biostatistics  (P. Armitage and T. Colton, Eds.), Wiley, London. Republication in Second Edition (2005).

Dabrowska, D. M., Elashoff, R. M., Ho, W. and Morton, D. L. (1998). Identifying predictive factors in melanoma progression. Oncology Reports  5  569-575.

Dabrowska, D. M., Duffy, D. and Zhang, Z. (1998). Hazard and density estimation from bivariate censored data.  J. Nonparametric Statist.  10  67-93.

Dabrowska, D. M. and Ho, W. (2000). Confidence bands for comparison of transition probabilities in a Markov chain model.  Lifetime Data Analysis   5  5-22.

Gjertson, D. W., Dabrowska, D. M., Cui, X. and Cecka, M. (2002). Four causes of cadaveric kidney transplant failure: a competing risk analysis.   Amer. J. Transplantation,  2  84-93.

Dabrowska, D. M. (2006). Estimation in a class of semiparametric transformation models.  Second Erich Lehmann Symposium - Optimality. (Rojo, J., Ed.). Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Lecture Notes - Monograph Series  49,  166-216. 

Dabrowska, D. M. (2007). Information bounds and efficient estimation in a class of censored transformation models.  Acta Applicandae Mathematicae 96,  177-201.

Dabrowska, D. M. (2009). Estimation in a semi-parametric two-stage renewal regression model.  Statistica Sinica   19,  981-996. 
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Dabrowska, D.M. (2015). Multivariate Survival Analysis. Wiley Stats-Ref Statistics Reference Online.