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Laura Erskine

Director, MPH Program
Co-Director, Center for Healthcare Management


DepartmentsType of Faculty
Health Policy and ManagementFull Time
Contact Information

31-253B CHS

Areas of Interest: 
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership
  • Decision Making
  • Case Writing


Laura Erskine is Acting Adjunct Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director of the MPH Programs in Health Policy and Management. Her teaching interests are in the area of organizational behavior, leadership, and decision making. She uses real world examples and situations, experiential activities, field-based cases, and simulations to help students develop their decision-making and problem solving skills, hone their communication and interpersonal skills, apply theories and the concepts, and further their critical thinking skills. She is able to highlight theories and concepts with personal examples from her background in strategic consulting, entrepreneurial activities, field-based research, and case writing activities. 

 Dr. Erskine has taught classes on Introductory Management, Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Decision Making.

PhD, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business
MBA, University of Western Ontario Richard Ivey School of Business
BA, McGill University
Selected Publications: 
  • Noel, T. and Erskine, L. (2013). “The silent story: Using computer-aided text analysis to predict entrepreneurial performance.” Journal of Entrepreneurship, 22(1), 1-14.
  • Bull Schaefer, R. A. and Erskine, L. (2012). “Virtual team meetings: Reflections on a class exercise exploring technology choice.” Journal of Management Education, 36(6), 777-801.
  • Block, E. S. and Erskine, L. (2012). “Interviewing by telephone: Specific considerations, opportunities, and challenges.” International Journal of Qualitative Methods, 11(4), 428–445.
  • Erskine, L. and Johnson, S. (2012). “Effective learning approaches for sustainability: A student perspective.” Journal of Education for Business, 87(4), 198-205.
  • Erskine, L. (2012). “Defining relational distance for today’s leaders.” International Journal of Leadership Studies, 7(1), 96-113.
  • Erskine, L. and Jones, J.R. (2010). "Managing a remote workforce." CPCU Leadership & Managerial Excellence Newsletter, 13(2).
  • Erskine, L. (2009). "A question of leadership: What does effective leadership look like in a virtual work environment and can web-based leadership operate the same way that face-to-face leadership does?" Leadership in Action, 28(6).
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