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Martin L. Lee

Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics


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BiostatisticsFull Time
Contact Information

Room 51-236A CHS

Department of Biostatistics

UCLA School of Public Health

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772

Areas of Interest: 

My long-term interests are in the area of clinical trials and clinical trial design, particularly as they pertain to biologic and biotechnologically produced proteins. My research in this area has covered such areas as the development of statistical test procedures for bioequivalency studies, particularly those that involve matched paired designs. I have also worked extensively on the development of robust estimation and semi-parametric models for the analysis of pharmacokinetic data. I have taken an interest in pharmacoeconomic modeling and have been working on Markov models for the assessment of cost-effectiveness of new diagnostic procedures for cervical cancer. The studies I have been involved in have given me the opportunity to work extensively with researchers in the fields of immunology, hematology, and oncology. Because of that I was able to publish an applied immunology textbook with a colleague of mine at Stanford. Thus, my activities have allowed me to extend my scope far beyond biostatistical research. Currently I am working on clinical research design and management of nutritional studies of human milk in premature neonates.

PhD Biostatistics (1979) UCLA
MS Biostatistics (1975) UCLA
BA Mathematics (summa cum laude) (1974) UCLA
Selected Courses: 
Biostat 100A Spring 2001-18 Introduction to Biostatistics
Biostat 410 (every other Spring) Statistical Methods in Clinical Trials
Biostat 413 (every other Spring) Introduction to Pharmaceutical Statistics