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Mark Litwin



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Health Policy and ManagementPart Time
Contact Information

924 Wstwd Blvd, Ste 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90095-7383

Areas of Interest: 
  • Quality of Care
  • Medical Outcomes
  • Health-Related Quality of Life
  • Resource Use
  • Urological Diseases
  • Prostate Cancer        

Mark S. Litwin is chair of the Department of Urology, a practicing clinician, and professor of urology and health services at the David Geffen School of Medicine and the Fielding School of Public Health at UCLA.  Dr. Litwin is a translational population scientist who teaches courses in health care delivery systems, medical outcomes research, quality of life assessment, and clinical urologic oncology.   His research interests include medical outcomes assessment, quality of care, health-related quality of life, epidemiology, costs and resource utilization, patient preferences, and health care access for malignant and benign diseases in urology. He published the first validated quality-of-life instrument to track outcomes in men with prostate cancer and has been an international leader in this area. His research has been funded by the NIDDK, NCI, Department of Defense, American Cancer Society, California Department of Public Health, and other organizations.  His current projects include a $96 million award to provide prostate cancer care to low-income, uninsured men in California, a $25 million project exploring the epidemiological burden of urological diseases in America, and several longitudinal studies of quality of life after treatment for prostate cancer. He regularly mentors fellows, residents, and students in urological health services research.  Dr. Litwin earned his M.D. from Emory University Medical School and completed his residency at Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital. He earned his M.P.H. in health services from UCLA.

MD, Emory University
BS, Duke University
Selected Publications: 

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