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Wendie Robbins



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Environmental Health SciencesJoint Appointment
Contact Information

UCLA School of Nursing
5-254 Factor Building
Mail Code: 691921
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Professor Robbins has been a faculty member at UCLA since 1997. She shares an appointment between the School of Nursing and the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences Department. As a member of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health she has focused her research, teaching and service in the areas of epidemiology, male reproductive health, and occupational/environmental health nursing. Her research couples epidemiologic methods with laboratory-based science, for example, sperm DNA integrity measures related to male reproductive function.

PhD, Epidemiology, University of California, Berkeley
MS, Epidemiology, University of Washington, Seattle
MSN, Nursing, University of Arizona, Tucson
BSN, Nursing, Arizona State University Tempe
Selected Publications: 

Chapin RE, Robbins WA, Schieve LA, Sweeney AM, Tabacova SA, Tomashek KM Off to a good start: the influence of pre- and periconceptional exposures, parental fertility, and nutrition on children's health. Environ Health Perspect. 2004; 112(1): 69-78.

Young KE, Robbins WA, Xun L, Elashoff D, Rothmann SA, Perreault SD Evaluation of chromosome breakage and DNA integrity in sperm: an investigation of remote semen collection conditions.. Journal of andrology. . 2003; 24(6): 853-61.

Robbins WA FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) to detect effects of smoking, caffeine, and alcohol on human sperm chromosomes.. Advances in experimental medicine and biology. . 2003; 518: 59-72.

Perreault SD, Aitken RJ, Baker HW, Evenson DP, Huszar G, Irvine DS, Morris ID, Morris RA, Robbins WA, Sakkas D, Spano M, Wyrobek AJ Integrating new tests of sperm genetic integrity into semen analysis: breakout group discussion.. Advances in experimental medicine and biology. . 2003; 518: 253-68.

Pekler VA, Robbins WA, Nyamathi A, Yashina TL, Leak B, Robins TA. Use of Versant (TM) TMA and bDNA 3.0 assays to detect and quantify hepatitis C virus in semen. Journal of Clinical Laboratory Analysis 2003; 17(6): 264-270.

Ong TD, Xun L, Perreault SD, Robbins WA. Aneuploidy and chromosome breakage in swim-up versus unprocessed semen from 20 healthy men. Journal of Andrology 2002; 23: 270-277.