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Steven Rottman

Adjunct Professor, Department of Community Health Sciences
Contact Information

924 Westwood Blvd., Ste 300

Areas of Interest: 

Emergency medicine and disaster relief; preparing public health agencies for man-made and natural disasters; interaction of public health other emergency management agencies; EMS systems and prehospital care

Dr. Rottman has been on the Emergency Medicine faculty of the Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA since 1985, with an adjunct appointment in Community Health Sciences in the Fielding School of Public Health.  He was the founding director of the UCLA Center for Public Health and DIsasters, a position he held until 2011.  He taught multiple courses in the area of emergency public health, and was actively engaged in training public health departments in the development and exercise of plans for natural and human-caused mass population emergencies.  HIs current activities involve the clinical teaching and practice of emergency medicine in the emergency department of the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, as well as resident and medical student education.  He serves as the medical direction of the UCLA Center for Prehospital Care, where he teaches paramedical students and conducts program analysis of how emergency medical services are delivered and their impact on patient populations they serve.

Selected Publications: 


Rottman SJ, Shoaf KI, Schlesinger J, et. al: Pandemic Influenza Triage in the Clinical Setting. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. 2010; 25(2): 99-114.


Dorian A, Rottman SJ, Shoaf KI, et al. National After Action Workshop on a Federal Public Health Emergency:
The Novel Influenza A H1N1 Epidemic of Spring 2009: Workshop Report (electronic supplement in Prehospital and Disaster Medicine., November 18, 2009)


Rottman SJ, Shoaf KI, Stratton SJ.  Development of a Graduate Curriculum in Emergency Public Health. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 2010; 25(3):213-216.


Heinrich RL, Morgan MT, Rottman SJ.Advance Directives, Suicide and Emergency Medicine Decision-Making.  Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics Volume 1.3 (2011) 189–197