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Shira Shafir

Adjunct Associate Professor


DepartmentsType of Faculty
EpidemiologyPart Time
Community Health Sciences
Contact Information

650 Charles E. Young Dr. South
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Areas of Interest: 

Parasitic diseases; their ecology, biology, pathology and epidemiology. Diagnosis and viability of parasitic diseases, molecular epidemiology of infectious diseases, Foodborne diseases, Neglected Tropical Diseases and Neglected Diseases of Poverty. Sustainable Eye Care, Maternal and Child Health and Public-Private Partnerships.


Dr. Shira Shafir graduated with an MPH in Infectious Diseases from UC Berkeley and a PhD in Epidemiology from UCLA.  After completing a post-doctoral fellowship in Global Health at UCLA, she joined the faculty of the department of epidemiology in 2007.  Dr. Shafir teaches courses in introduction to epidemiology, neglected tropical diseases, principles of control of infectious diseases, epidemiology of foodborne disease and responsible conduct of research in global health and she has been voted Professor of the Year by the Public Health Students Association in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Until 2013 Dr. Shafir was the assistant director of the Center for Global and Immigrant Health and also collaborates with the Center for Public Health and Disasters.  Her research interests include parasitic diseases and the use of serosurveys to establish the epidemiologic parameters of infectious agents.  In 2011, Dr. Shafir was appointed as the Faculty Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Ethics and charged with the creation and administration of a campus-wide program in responsible conduct of research. 

PhD., University of California, Los Angeles
MPH., University of California, Berkeley
BS., Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
This faculty member is available to serve as: 
Masters Advisor
MS Report Committee Member
Field Studies Advisor

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Selected Publications: 

Christine M. Oshansky, CM, Wong, S-S, Jeevan, T, Smallwood, HS, Webby, RJ, Shafir, SC, Thomas, PG.  “Seasonal influenza vaccination is the strongest correlate of cross-reactive antibody responses in migratory bird handlers” mBio.  In press.

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