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Robert Erin Weiss

Professor of Biostatistics


DepartmentsType of Faculty
BiostatisticsFull Time
Contact Information

Room 51-269 CHS

Department of Biostatistics

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772

Areas of Interest: 

My biostatistical research areas include Bayesian methods for modeling data; univariate and multivariate longitudinal data analysis; hierarchical models; and complex non-linear models. I also work in model development, model selection and model checking. Motivation for much of my research comes from the statistical difficulties seen in my collaborative work, particularly in the analysis of human behavior. My colleagues and I study HIV+ and HIV-at-risk individuals, drug abusers, child nutrition in Kenya, Hospital Emergency Department visitors, and meta-analyses of cardiac intervention data among many other areas of application.

I teach classes in Statistical Graphics (Biostat 230), Bayesian Data Analysis (Biostat 234), longitudinal data analysis (Biostat 236 and 411) and multivariate statistics (Biostat 251). My classes have computing and writing components, because statistical practice requires that you calculate inferences and then communicate what you have learned. I particularly like working in an academic environment because of the variety of projects I get to work on and because I get to work with many students on research projects, paper writing, and as dissertation advisor.

PhD (1989), Statistics, University of Minnesota
MS (1987), Statistics, University of Minnesota
BS (1984), Mathematics, University of Minnesota
Selected Courses: 
Biostat M230, Statistical Graphics: Fall 2008, Spring 2011
Biostat M234, Applied Bayesian Inference: Winter 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012
Biostat M236, Analysis of Repeated Measures: Winter 2008, 2012, 2014
Biostat 251, Multivariate Biostatistics: Spring 2008, 2009, 2010, 2014
Biostat 411, Correlated Data: Winter 2009, 2011, 2013
Selected Publications: 

Zhu, Yuda and Weiss, Robert E. (2013). Modeling Seroadaptation and Sexual Behavior among HIV+ Participants with a Simultaneously Multilevel and Multivariate Longitudinal Count Model. Biometrics, 69, 214–224.

Hara, Motoaki; Huang, David Y.; Weiss, Robert E.; and Hser, Yih-Ing (2013). Concurrent Lifecourse Trajectories of Employment and Marijuana use: Exploring Interdependence of Longitudinal Outcomes. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, to appear.

Hess, Kristen L.; Javanbakht, Marjan; Brown, Joelle M.; Weiss, Robert E.; Hsu, Paul; Gorbach, Pamina M. (2013). Intimate Partner Violence and Anal Intercourse among Young Adult Heterosexual Relationships. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 45, 6–12. doi: 10.1363/4500613

Neumann, Charlotte G.; Bwibo, Nimrod O.; Jiang, Luohua; Weiss Robert E. (2013). School snacks decrease morbidity in Kenyan school children: a cluster randomized, controlled feeding intervention trial. Public Health Nutrition, to appear. doi:10.1017/S1368980013000876

Lam, Marcus; Klein, Sacha; Freisthler, Bridget; Weiss, Robert E. (2013). Child Center Closures: Does Nonprofit Status Provide a Comparative Advantage? Children and Youth Services Review, to appear.

Zhang, Qunfang; Fischer, Heidi J.; Weiss, Robert E.; Zhu, Yifang (2013). Ultrafine Particle Concentrations in and Around Idling School Buses. Atmospheric Environment, 69, 65–75.

Neumann, Charlotte G.; Jiang, Luohua; Weiss, Robert E.; Grillenberger, Monika; Gewa, Constance A.; Siekmann, Jonathan H.; Murphy, Suzanne P.; Bwibo, Nimrod O. (2013). Meat Supplementation Increases Arm Muscle Area in Kenyan Schoolchildren. British Journal of Nutrition, 109, 1230-1240. DOI: 10.1017/S0007114512003121

Sun, Benjamin C.; Hsia, Renee Y.; Weiss, Robert E.; Zingmond, David; Liang, Li-Jung; Han, Weijuan; McCreath, Heather; Asch, Steven M. (2013). Effect of Emergency Department Crowding on Outcomes of Admitted Patients. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 61, 605-611. 

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Pines, Heather A.; Gorbach, Pamina M.; Weiss, Robert E.; Hess, Kristen; Murphy, Ryan; Saunders, Terry; Brown, Joelle; Anton, Peter; Cranston, Ross D. (2012). Acceptability of Potential Rectal Microbicide Delivery Systems for HIV Prevention: A Randomized Crossover Trial. AIDS and Behavior, DOI 10.1007/s10461-012-0358-z.

Jyrala, Aarne; Weiss, Robert E.; Jeffries, Robin A.; Kay, Gregory L. (2012). Is Hypothyroidism Overlooked in Cardiac Surgery Patients? Open Journal of Thoracic Surgery, 2, 29–35.

Gabayan, Gelareh Z.; Asch, Steven M.; Hsia, Renee Y.; Zingmond, David; Liang, Li-Jung; Han, Weijuan; McCreath, Heather; Weiss, Robert E.; Sun, Benjamin C. (2012). Factors Associated with Short-Term Bounce-Back Admissions Following Emergency Department Discharge. Annals of Emergency Medicine, to appear.

Gewa, Constance A.; Murphy, Suzanne P.; Weiss, Robert E.; Neumann, Charlotte G. (2012). A School-Based Supplementary Food Programme in Rural Kenya Did Not Reduce Children’s Intake at Home. Public Health Nutrition, 16, 713-720. doi:10.1017/S1368980012003266

Murphy, Ryan D.; Gorbach, Pamina M.; Weiss, Robert E.; Hucks-Ortiz, Christopher; Shoptaw, Stephen J. (2012). Seroadaptation in a Sample of Very Poor Los Angeles Area Men Who Have Sex with Men. Aids & Behavior, 17, 1862-1872.. DOI 10.1007/s10461-012-0213-2.

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Long, J. K.; Murphy, S. P.; Weiss, R. E.; Nyerere, S.; Bwibo, N. O.; Neumann, C. G. (2012). Meat and Milk Intakes and Toddler Growth: A Comparison Feeding Intervention of Animal Source Foods in Rural Kenya. Public Health Nutrition, 15, 1100–1107.

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