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The University of California has a tradition of shared governance that was established in 1920. Under “shared governance,” the Faculty and Administration share responsibility for all activities within the University.  Faculty are responsible for setting admissions criteria; authorizing, approving and supervising all courses, curricula, and academic programs; determining degree requirements; advising the administration on faculty appointments and promotions; and advising the administration on budget and financial planning. The Administration is responsible for resource allocation including hiring, promotions, and firing; creating and sustaining the infrastructure; and financial issues, including the budget, spending and accountability. The Faculty and Administration collaborate in developing policy, procedures and organization.

The Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is elected by the Academic Senate Faculty in the Fielding School of Public Health and conducts the governance of the FSPH. In particular, the FEC:

  • Provides general oversight of the academic programs in the FSPH.
  • Serves as an advisory body on matters concerning the welfare of faculty and students in the School.
  • Reviews and approves FSPH majors, minors, and other curricular requirements of the School.
  • Reviews and proposes changes to FSPH regulations.
  • Consults with concerned faculty members and members of the administration and makes recommendations to the Deans based on established Senate policies about the FSPH’s allocation of educational resources, academic priorities, and planning and budget issues.


While the website is under construction, FEC meeting documents will be stored in Box. Please contact Sheleana Varvaro at for the appropriate link(s).

This site is devoted to the activities of the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. Part of the site will be open for general view and part restricted to UCLA Fielding School of Public Health faculty. The FEC on July 22, 2002 voted to restrict six categories of material to faculty only.  These are:

  1. Dean's policy statements
  2. Agenda of FEC meetings
  3. Minutes of FEC meetings
  4. Agenda of Full Faculty meetings
  5. Minutes of Full Faculty meetings
  6. Faculty resolutions or votes

If you have FEC-related questions, please contact the chair of the FEC Deborah Glik or your FEC department representative.