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Six decades equates to a blink of an eye in the context of human history. But for the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, which recently celebrated 60 years as a school, it’s been a period of remarkable consequence, characterized by far too many impactful moments to fit into a single issue of this magazine.

Throughout the school’s history, thousands of individuals — FSPH students, faculty, staff, graduates, and collaborators — have educated, researched, and applied their public health knowledge and skills in partnerships with communities, policymakers, and leaders across a wide range of professions and organizations. They have done so in service to the betterment of the public’s health and well-being, at home in Los Angeles and around the world.

FSPH embarks on its next six decades at a time of monumental public health challenges. Never has the work of building a healthier future together carried more importance. And as the school’s community members, collaborators, and allies build on the foundation established during the school’s first six decades, UCLA Fielding is poised for even greater impact in the years to come.

Progress and Promise

The following articles reflect on some of the dramatic strides in public health since FSPH was established in 1961 — including just a few of the school’s many historic and ongoing contributions to that progress — as well as looking to the promise ahead.

Pairs of UCLA Fielding faculty with overlapping public health interests discuss how their fields have evolved and advanced, today’s challenges, and where they derive hope. Dean Ron Brookmeyer and Dr. Yifang Zhu, who recently concluded her tenure as senior associate dean for academic programs, assess FSPH’s overall impact along with opportunities for the future, and current Associate Dean for Research James Macinko and his predecessor, Dr. Zuo-Feng Zhang, consider the vital role of FSPH research. Finally, UCLA Fielding students and 2023 graduates write about what compelled them to pursue their chosen area of public health, the difference they hope to make, and how their FSPH experience has prepared them.


Dr. Ron Brookmeyer


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UCLA Public Health magazine is published by the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health for the graduates, faculty, students, staff, and friends of the school. Copyright 2023 by The Regents of the University of California. Permission to reprint any portion must be obtained from the school. Please send requests to marcomm@ph.ucla.edu.


Haroutune K. Armenian, MD, DrPH Professor-in-Residence, Epidemiology; Thomas R. Belin, PhD Professor, Biostatistics; Pamina Gorbach, DrPH Professor, Epidemiology; Moira Inkelas, PhD Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management; Marjorie Kagawa-Singer, PhD, MN Professor Emerita, Community Health Sciences; Cathy Lang, PhD Director for Research Administration; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences; Michael Prelip, DPA Professor and Chair, Community Health Sciences; Beate Ritz, PhD Professor, Epidemiology and Environmental Health Sciences; May C. Wang, DrPH Professor, Community Health Sciences; Zuo-Feng Zhang, MD, PhD Associate Dean for Research; Professor, Epidemiology; Yifang Zhu, PhD Associate Dean for Academic Programs; Professor, Environmental Health Sciences; Frederick Zimmerman, PhD Professor, Health Policy and Management; Joana (JoJo) Fernandez and Geneva Vogelheim Past Co-Presidents, Public Health Student Association; Lori S. Pelliccioni, JD, MPH '96, PhD '02 Past President, Public Health Alumni Association


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