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Magazine Autumn 2014

UCLA Public Health Magazine

Autumn/Winter 2014

Dean's Message

People walking at an LA park
AMONG OUR COUNTRY'S GREATEST ASSETS are its immigrant communities. Nowhere is that strength more evident than here in L.A. The Los Angeles metropolitan area is home to 4.4 million foreign-born people...
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Immigrants come to America seeking a good life. Will it be a healthy one?
Montage of family photos from six students featured in this article
Path to The Fielding School
Six first-year MPH students describe how their childhood experiences shaped their dreams and brought them to the Fielding School.
Young boy with mother and doctor in clinic examination room
Access to Care
The Affordable Care Act aims to move the nation toward universal coverage. But Fielding School experts point out that for some immigrants, basic, quality health care is no closer to becoming a reality.
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A group of people dancing in the hispanic community of Boyle Heights.
Health Disparities
Over time, the health status of immigrant groups tends to decline. Fielding School faculty untangle the causes and promote solutions.
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Two women looking at products in the aisle of a grocery store.
Taking very different tacks, Tabashir Nobari and Mirna Troncoso Sawyer are painting a more detailed portrait of the factors that place immigrant families at risk for obesity, pointing the way toward strategies that could be effective in combatting the phenomenon.
Three people working on the recycling line of waste management plant.
Occupational Safety and Health
Through education, research and policy advocacy, the UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program, led by the Fielding School’s Linda Delp, is a powerful ally for the mostly immigrant low-wage workforce of Los Angeles.
Screening and Prevention
Korean Americans have disproportionately high rates of chronic hepatitis B infection, which is associated with liver cancer and cirrhosis. In a partnership with the Los Angeles Korean community, a Fielding School team promotes screening through small group discussions in more than 50 local congregations.
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Alumni Stories

Ashley discussing next steps with two associates
Neighborhood Transformation
Whether working with families to better manage their children’s asthma or helping residents take on an oil plant leaking toxins within walking distance of their homes, Fielding School alumna Ashley Kissinger assists a disenfranchised population in finding its voice.
A group of Asian women at a cancer cure marathon.
Community Engagement
Mindful of the teachings of her civic-minded parents, Mary Anne Foo brings together diverse immigrant communities to work toward common goals.
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A manicurist with gloved hands is giving a manicure to customer.
Statewide Worker Mobilization
Through a grassroots effort, Fielding School graduates have empowered the low-wage, Vietnamese immigrant-dominated nail salon workforce to fight for healthier conditions.

School Work

Students and faculty at the 2014 Fielding Fall Fiesta
New department chairs, new student opportunities and new partnerships with China. Here's a look at some of the latest news happening at the Fielding School.

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