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    • Students from Mobile Clinic Project speaking to each other



In Fielding School classrooms and in communities near and far, students are acquiring the tools they will use to make a difference in our world.

THEY COME from diverse neighborhoods and dozens of countries, bringing with them life experiences as wide-ranging as their reasons for choosing public health. They learn from faculty who are leading experts in their areas of study, from practitioners in the field, and from the populations they intend to serve. On their way to a Fielding School degree, they gain the knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to join with other professionals and communities to effect change and transform health.

At the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, we believe the solution to a better world is embodied in our talented and committed students, such as those introduced on the pages that follow. United in purpose, they have resolved to use the powerful tools of public health to improve the lives of countless individuals, many of whom they will never meet. They come here to learn, and in the process of doing so they teach and inspire us all.