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Magazine Autumn/Winter 2015

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Autumn/Winter 2015

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ACCORDING TO THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, 14 percent of the global burden of disease — a measure that takes into account both years of life lost due to premature death and the reduced quality of...
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As a society, it’s a topic we rarely discuss. When we do, too often we stigmatize, leaving many among us to struggle in silence.
Q & A
FSPH professor and leading expert in the field Dr. Carol Aneshensel argues that the far-reaching individual and societal effects of mental and cognitive health conditions require public health to do more.
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Community Engagement
Using an untraditional model, a university-community project increases access to depression care and improves mental health in under-resourced parts of Los Angeles.
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Impact of Discrimination
With evidence showing that discrimination puts people at greater risk for stress-related conditions, FSPH faculty point to the need for a robust public health response.
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A Public Health Issue
In an American Journal of Public Health commentary, FSPH student, alumna state their belief that the field must confront racism in addressing disparities.
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FSPH student Imelda Padilla-Frausto
Access to Care
After living through her family’s struggles with lack of information and services, an FSPH doctoral student contributes to improved mental health policies.
An FSPH-led study assesses the impact of a landmark federal law on access to mental health and substance abuse services.
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Photos from Gyumri, Armenia, which was devastated by the 1988 Spitak earthquake. Photography by Kariné Armen.
Disaster Response
By following up with survivors of the Spitak, Armenia earthquake more than 20 years later, FSPH researchers learn about PTSD and ways to promote resilience.
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Addressing Substance Use
By learning what draws youth to initiate alcohol and drug use and providing outlets for discussion, an FSPH faculty member paves the way toward better outcomes.
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 Left: FSPH PhD student Jenna van Draanen. Right: Sarah Waters, who is pursuing an executive MPH degree at the Fielding School.
Public health provides a powerful tool for addressing substance use challenges.
The Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles and other public health entities are training community-based workers in providing services that recognize the mental distress violence inflicts. Agencies attend the Annual L.A. Gang Conference to develop solutions to gang and youth violence in Los Angeles.
Violence Prevention and Impact
Fielding School alumna Billie Weiss has helped to bring a public health approach to an issue once seen primarily as the domain of law enforcement.
Dr. Hiram Beltrán-Sánchez
The rising homicide rate in Mexico elevates fear levels, with wide-ranging effects.
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Cognitive Effects
With advances in treatment over the last several decades, the number of cancer survivors continues to grow -- currently estimated at 14 million, and expected to reach 18 million within the next decade. But survivorship can come with a cost.
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Dr. Ron Brookmeyer’s model projects a quadrupling of the worldwide Alzheimer’s disease prevalence by 2050.
Through his widely cited projections, an FSPH biostatistician underscores the importance of making inroads against Alzheimer’s disease.
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Shedding light on the experiences of family caregivers of people with early-onset dementia, a PhD student hopes to bring relief to an often-overlooked population.
A look at some of the news happening at the Fielding School.
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This section includes new grants and contracts awarded in 2014-15. Due to space limitations, only funds of $50,000 or more are listed, by principal investigator.
Ann And Phil Heymann in Botswana
Transformative Investments
Fielding School Dean Jody Heymann is honoring her parents’ commitment to global work, health and public service with a gift to establish The Ann and Phil Heymann Global Fellowship Fund.
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