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Magazine Spring 2015

UCLA Public Health Magazine

Spring/Summer 2015

Dean's Message

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WE LIVE IN REMARKABLE TIMES, when technology has broken down barriers and made possible what once seemed unthinkable. And yet, the world we share – our air and water, oceans and soil, forests and...
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Every day we are exposed to invisible environmental dangers. FSPH is implementing sustainable solutions for a healthier world.
Pesticide Warning Sign in front of agricultural field / iStockPhoto
Environmental Exposures
From the pesticides that protect our food supply to the particulate matter that comes out of our tailpipes, we are exposed to countless chemicals in our daily lives, some of which can be toxic. Fielding School researchers are identifying the risks and developing global solutions so that we can breathe more easily.
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Patrick Allard sitting in his laboratory
Toxicology Tool
A Fielding School faculty member’s new approach to examining the safety of chemical compounds addresses shortcomings in traditional methods.
Highway goods corridor surrounded by residential neighborhood /iStockPhoto
Policy Evaluation
Goods movement corridors represent a major health concern for the populations that live along them. An FSPH team is studying the impact of an aggressive statewide effort to address the issue.
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Dr. John Froines
Acting on the Science
Dr. John Froines once believed he would have to choose between his two passions, science and policy. But as a national leader in identifying dangerous chemical exposures and then applying the findings toward regulations to protect health, he’s spent a career pursuing both.
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Social Determinants
Higher exposure to air pollutants, reduced access to quality health care and psychological distress are among factors contributing to increased symptoms for children and adults from low-income communities.
Sudipto Banerjee
Statistical Resource
Using geographic information system technology to show patterns by place and time in California, the Fielding School’s biostatistics chair provides an invaluable tool for hospital administrators and epidemiologists.
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International Partnership
As international organizations seek to reduce deforestation in the face of climate change, an FSPH team is providing a model for considering the health of both the forest and its longtime inhabitants.
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Dried up California dam / iStockPhoto
Health Impact Assessment
Water-conservation strategies are essential in drought-stricken California, but decisions must be made through the lens of public health.
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Composite of two images with Teni Adewumi and Ana Mascareñas
Student Profiles
They were born thousands of miles apart and raised in different cultures, but Ana Mascareñas and Teni Adewumi both saw toxic environments affecting their communities and are now determined to make things right.
Esther Schiller and Marlene Gomez at Skyline Village, a smokefree affordable housing complex in Downtown Los Angeles.
Community Engagement
With smoking increasingly prohibited in public places, a Fielding School-led coalition is bringing together Los Angeles apartment owners and their tenants in an effort to address the harmful effects of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure where people live.
Runner along reviatlized section of LA River / photo by Markku Lahdesmaki
Changing Our Environment
As evidence of the built environment’s impact on physical activity and quality of life continues to mount, Fielding School experts are leading wide-ranging initiatives to change the urban landscape.
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Four students
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Alumni Hall of Fame

2015 Inductees together
The Fielding School's 2015 Alumni Hall of Fame inductees all have spent their careers working to eliminate health disparities in their communities.

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A look at some of the news happening at the Fielding School.
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Fielding School students who were the recipients of academic awards, scholarships, internships, grants or fellowships during the 2014-15 academic year.