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Clearing the Air


Every day we are exposed to invisible environmental dangers. FSPH is implementing sustainable solutions for a healthier world.

IN THE FARMING COMMUNITIES of California’s Central Valley, the urban centers of the nation’s most populous state, and in cities, towns, and rural villages all over the world, invisible dangers lurk. They spew from our cars and trucks; from sprays designed to protect our food or improve our products; from industrial processes integral to our economy. Tens of thousands of chemical compounds surround us, most of which we can’t see, many of which we don’t understand, some of which we know can cause us harm.

As is illustrated on the pages that follow, Fielding School faculty, students, staff, and alumni are leading efforts at home and abroad to clear the air and promote safer surroundings. Through rigorous research, they are rooting out potentially perilous environmental exposures. But beyond identifying the problem, they are developing and implementing solutions in the form of new policy regulations, products and tests, and sustainable alternatives.

Unparalleled in its economic, geographic, and ethnic diversity, bustling with both breathtakingly beautiful terrain and formidable ecologic challenges, California is looked upon throughout the world as a leader and testing ground for tackling environmental concerns. At the Fielding School, we are at the forefront of that effort as we bring about sustainable solutions for a healthier planet.