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Magazine Spring/Summer 2016

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Spring/Summer 2016


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In the United States and around the world, a transformation is under way: As a society we’re getting older, with profound and wide-ranging implications.
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If you were born in America in 1900, the likelihood that you would reach what we now consider old age was far from assured.
Power of Prevention
Cancer screenings, cholesterol tests, and flu and pneumonia shots save lives. An FSPH initiative aims to increase the use of these services among low-income older adults.
Power of Prevention
A Fielding School research team examines the impact of California’s “millionaires’ tax.”
Power of Prevention
FSPH alum Geoffrey Hoffman aims to identify cost-effective public health strategies for preventing falls among older adults.
Power of Prevention
A study by FSPH’s UCLA Center for Health Policy Research suggests that nearly half of California adults are on a path toward diabetes.
Power of Prevention
FSPH-led study finds few in the 50-64 age group are being screened, despite CDC recommendation.
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Healthy Aging
Dr. Steve Horvath has developed an invaluable tool for measuring the aging process — and potentially slowing it down.
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Midlife Strategies
Dr. Dawn Upchurch views midlife as a pivotal time for women, when establishing healthy lifestyles can set them up for robust later years.
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Aging and Mental Health
An FSPH researcher investigates challenges faced by many gay men as they move into older age.
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Demographic Impact
FSPH doctoral candidate Di Liang looks at how urbanization is affecting the fast-growing older population in her native country.
Learning From Elders
UCLA freshmen learn about aging and older adults — in the classroom, and from the elders themselves.
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Financial Burdens
FSPH study spotlights the “hidden poor,” a large and overlooked group of older adults who are struggling economically.
Financial Burdens
FSPH professor Stuart Schweitzer offers his prescription for the problem of high-priced pharmaceuticals, a particular concern for older adults.
Building Capacity
FSPH alumna trains health care and aging-service providers to meet the needs of the fast-growing Alzheimer’s disease population.
Q & A
FSPH faculty member Cindy Cain, an expert on end-of-life care issues, examines the state’s landmark act as implementation begins.
Patient Preferences
FSPH doctoral candidate Rosana Leos Bravo studies how members of a community make decisions at the end of life.
Transformative Investments
Gifts from Ric and Suzanne Kayne, and Tom Weinberger, support Fielding School students and research.
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This Honor Roll gratefully acknowledges gifts and private grants made to the school from January 1, 2015, to December 31, 2015.

Alumni Hall of Fame

The Fielding School's 2016 Alumni Hall of Fame inductees all have spent their careers working to eliminate health disparities in their communities.

School Work

A look at some of the news happening at the Fielding School.
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Fielding School students who were the recipients of academic awards, scholarships, internships, grants or fellowships during the 2015-16 academic year.