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    • Students wearing blue  vests and public health badges

Building a Healthier World


Daunting public health challenges at home and around the world also represent enormous opportunities: So much of what leads to poor health and premature death can be prevented through evidence-based public health policies and programs.

The Fielding School is resolute in its commitment to maximizing the impact of its work through its research, education and partnerships with communities, policymakers and colleagues in public health as well as other professions. This commitment can be seen in faculty who regularly spend time in communities and legislative arenas to ensure that evidence of what works is translated to effective public health strategies, and devote considerable time to educating the next generation of public health leaders. It can be seen in the contributions of thousands of Fielding School alumni who apply their education in wide-ranging positions of importance all over the globe. It can be seen in the passion and devotion of FSPH students, drawn to the school to obtain the education and experience that will enable them to bring about muchneeded change in communities that need it most.

By focusing on the core issues that affect health — issues such as income, education, discrimination and access to essential health services, as well as policies promoting healthy communities and environments — public health can be a potent force for far-reaching change that dramatically improves lives. The pages that follow illustrate some of the ways the Fielding School is contributing to that change, and building a healthier world.